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Why Raising Your Vibration Increases Serendipity: Joanna McEwen (Transcript)

In the following video clip, you will see the sound and vibration as represented on the cymascope of a singing bowl, much like the one I have here.

(Singing bowl chimes)

As you can hear, the bowl has rich and complex harmonics.

(Singing bowl chimes)

Notice the symmetrical shapes and the similarities to those found in sacred geometry and within the harmonious shapes found in nature.

Through the study of micro cymatics and sonocytology, we are now able to hear the difference between a healthy and unhealthy cell. According to Gardner Snook of Manchester University, the difference between a healthy cell and a cancerous cell is like two very large orchestras all playing their instruments at the same time, but in the cancerous orchestra, the tuba is horribly out of tune.

In the following two clips, you can hear the difference between the healthy pulsations of a yeast cell and the high-pitched frequency of one that is stressed.

Notice the distortions as represented on the cymascope of the one that is stressed.

(Sounds similar to distant thunders)

(Sharp hissing sounds)

Through the latest experiments using micro cymatics, it has been suggested that through the principle of entrainment, whereby a more powerful frequency causes a weaker frequency to synchronize with it, we can excite the membrane of a cell into coherent and geometrical patterns.

Therefore, if we direct harmonious sound towards our bodies, we are able to bring our cells into their own optimum frequency. Not only do we vibrate on a cellular level, our consciousness, our thoughts and emotions all have their own energetic imprint.

Masaru Emoto, in his book “The Secret Life of Water,” exposed water to harmonious sounds, healing thoughts, and prayer as well as dissonant music and negative thoughts. He then froze the water and took photographs of the water crystals. The water that had been exposed to the harmonious sounds and healing thoughts and prayer created beautiful and geometric water crystals, and those who didn’t were misshapen or not present at all.

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Many scientists and philosophers have pondered: Where does consciousness and our thoughts arise from? Whether you believe that it is from a God-given source or from somewhere deep inside the brain, latest research has discovered that it is through our bodily responses to it, is in quantum vibrations found in microtubules within brain neurons.

Therefore, as we have already found out, by putting harmonious thoughts into our brains, we can turn our perceptions and our thoughts from chaos to beauty.

We’ve all used music to calm and energize ourselves, whether it is dance music on a Saturday night or downtempo jazz on the Sunday. Pachelbel’s Canon was my go-to when in the throes of teenage angst.

I’ve subsequently discovered that the perfect fifth harmonic as found in Baroque music is one of the most healing harmonic arrangements there is, being both expansive and stable.

By creating a steady rhythm through the use of Baroque music, toning a single vowel, or through the use of a gong, a Himalayan bowl, or through a mother singing a lullaby to her child, a steady rhythm can be created that allows the mind to latch on to it, slow down, and relax – the left and right hemispheres of the brain begin to resonate to a steady rhythm, bringing together the more linear left side with a more emotional and creative right; the subconscious and unconscious minds become aligned, unresolved issues are released, and you become more vibrationally coherent and increasingly powerful.

When we say that somebody is charismatic, what we are feeling is their personal vibration. When this happens, life starts to flow, and those serendipitous moments increase.

Why? I stand to quote the saying, “We cannot solve problems using the same kind of thinking we had when we created them.”

By creating a more coherent and harmonizing on our bodies and our thoughts, we can change our thoughts and so change the way you perceive the world.

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We start to see the world through a truthful lens, being curious of the opportunities presented to us. We respond creatively to situations, taking action that perhaps others might not and perhaps we have not done in the past.

It is at this moment, those serendipitous moments that seem so random and elusive start to become more frequent and expected because not only are we tuned into a more enjoyable radio station, we become less passive and more active as steering our course, whereby we can live a life more expansive and increasingly joy-filled.

Thank you for listening.


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