Why Renewables Can’t Save The Planet: Michael Shellenberger (Full Transcript)

A similar phenomenon just happened last week in Arizona. The voters had a ballot initiative to vote on whether or not to continue with nuclear or to phase it out and try to replace it with natural gas and solar. They ended up rejecting at 70 to 30.

And even here in Europe, we saw the Netherlands is one of the first countries in recent memory to actually announce, as they did last week, that they’re going to start to increase their reliance on nuclear power in recognition that there’s just no way they could generate significant amounts of energy enough from solar and wind to meet their climate targets.

I think it’s natural that those of us that became very concerned about climate change, such a big environmental issue, would gravitate towards really romantic solutions like harmonizing human civilization with the natural world using renewable energies.

But I think it’s also understandable that as the facts have come in, many of us have started to question our prior beliefs and change our minds.

For me the question now is: Now that we know that renewables can’t save the planet, are we going to keep letting them destroy it?

Thank you very much.


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