Wireless Wake-Up Call: Jeromy Johnson at TEDxBerkeley (Full Transcript)

My own life has been tremendously changed by this. After that first exposure to wireless smart meters, now I can no longer be in an environment with strong Wi-Fi for very long. So I can’t go to my work the way I used to be able to. Most environments are now essentially toxic to me.

So even finding a safe place to live has become very difficult. Imagine not being able to live in an apartment building where everyone has Wi-Fi, or to be able to live next to a cell tower.

This is actually a proposed cell tower here in Berkeley. The residents have actually stopped it for now, but most churches and most schools now have cell towers on them. And so it exposes the people around them and of course the students who go to those schools.

This is a cell tower in San Francisco: that brown thimble on top of the telephone pole is a cell tower. And these are being placed every couple of blocks. So you could have an amazing home, and then one week, a company can come and put a cell tower right outside your window.

So this is something that’s happening throughout the Bay Area, and it’s going to be happening throughout the United States. So it makes it so that people like myself have a hard time finding a place to live, but it also is ratcheting up the exposure of the entire population.

So you might be asking, perhaps some people are being injured by this, but if you’re not feeling it, it’s probably not that big of a deal. And I think that’s a very common experience.

But it’s not as simple as saying that just a few unfortunate people are being affected by this. Because what the science shows is that we’re all affected on some level, whether we can feel it or not. And the reason is because essentially, our bodies are electric.

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Every cell in our body communicates using tiny electric signals. It’s how our nervous system operates. So to think that we could put an exponential amount of microwave radiation into our environment and not feel effects, is simply false.

To illustrate this, I actually had many friends come to me when I started to experience this, and they would say, “Jeromy, are you sure you aren’t making this up in your head?” and I thought this too myself, at the beginning.

But then, a year or two later, they would come to me and they’d say, “You won’t believe it, but now I’m feeling pain in my arm when I use my cell phone, or when I put it to the head, or when a new Wi-Fi router is installed.”

So this is something where when people have more of an exposure, more people are being affected. And it’s not just headaches and insomnia, it’s much more serious things such as: infertility, DNA damage, and eventually cancer.

This is what the research is starting to show. And you don’t have to take my word for it. I encourage you to start researching this for yourselves.

If you simply Google “EMF research,” this is a screenshot of what you’ll find. The World Health Organization is the first link there, and they actually, in 2011, came out and said this wireless technology is possibly carcinogenic.

Now there are scientists around the world that say it’s most likely carcinogenic.

The third link there is actually my own website. It’s there because the last five years, I’ve gathered research from around the world that shows that we now have enough evidence to at least take precaution when it comes to this technology.

So, isn’t this regulated?

And this is one of the most interesting things I’ve found: The Federal Communications Commission is who is supposed to be regulating wireless technology. But if you look at the regulations, they’re almost 20 years old.

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So that means our most advanced technology is using science that’s at least 20 years old. But not only that, they’re based on a concept which is nearly 50 years old, which says if microwave radiation does not heat us, then it can’t possibly hurt us.

But there are now hundreds of studies that show that this is false.

So how is it that we have a regulatory body that’s not protecting the public?

Well, like many public health issues in our country, you end up having industry influencing the regulatory body, and that’s what’s happening here.

So you have a revolving door between the wireless lobby and the FCC Commission. So that’s what’s happening.

Plus, the science is heavily influenced by industry funding. This is a study by Dr Henry Lai. He looked at 326 studies based on the biological effects of cell phone radiation. He found that about half of the studies showed effects and half didn’t. That’s pretty normal for this type of research.

But what he found that was interesting was that if you looked at who funded the studies, 70% of the independent studies showed effects, and only 32% of the industry-funded studies showed effects.

So you see that there’s an influence in money on this topic, just like many other topics. Tobacco is another one where essentially the industry funded science that was going to show their products were safe.

So, that’s the bad news.

And now, I want to share some good news, and that is that there are solutions for this. We are going to have to have the industry start to create safer products, but there are ways that we can both protect ourselves and move industry forward.

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