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Yahoo!’s (YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer on Q3 2014 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Further these actions were dramatically accretive to our earnings per share. EPS is up 52% year-over-year. On capital allocation we have gone far beyond any publicly committed amount of return and we’ve done so due to our commitment to shareholder value and because we believe deeply in the future potential of Yahoo! and the transformation we are pursuing to bring an iconic company back to greatness.

Turning back to the core Yahoo! We have a great confidence in the strength of our business and in the opportunities within. Our focus has been on sustainable market share gaining growth and on building value for our shareholders.

Our business has four interdependent pillars. Search, communications, digital magazines and video that operate as a network monetize through advertising. We are product-oriented company and we believe in attracting new users, advertisers and publishers to our ecosystem through quality products and great experiences.

We are incredibly proud that many things that we build over the past two years, the new looking feel across our products, the new Yahoo! mail. Yahoo! screen, the digital magazines, new search experiences and features, the Apple design award winning, Yahoo! news digest, the Yahoo! weather app and new versions of Flickr for mobile and PC.

Just this past quarter we launch Yahoo! Style led by industry maven Joe Zee, Yahoo! health and earlier this week we launch Yahoo! DIY, a digital magazine for do-it-yourselfers, over the course of Q3 Yahoo! Live broadcast more than 90 live concerts to million of users through our exclusive partnership with Live Nation.

And we launch Yahoo! Recommends bringing Yahoo!’s Leading personalization technology to leading publishers. The list goes on and on and I couldn’t be proud of how we’ve update and upgraded our products to better serve our users.

An engagement has steadily grown as results. Today the number of monthly active users on Yahoo! and Tumblr exceeds 1 billion users. That’s up at least 6% over the last year and our mobile traffic has grown even faster.

Across Yahoo! and Tumblr on a device basis we now see more than 0.5 billion, 550 million monthly active users on mobile. This is a different metric than we’ve reported on in the past combined with Tumblr and device-based.

So for reference and continuity we believe mobile monthly active users are approximately 17% from a year ago showing strong growth on an already large user base. Further mobile monthly active users have more than double since the beginning of our mobile investment.

Now I’d to show a few charts on mobile. These chart show our growth in mobile monthly users, user time spend and revenue. As I’ve laid out many times on previous calls, we intent to invest in new areas primarily mobile in order to achieve growth and exceed that of the industry rate and of our historical growth rate.

In these charts you can see Yahoo!’s actual trend line in purple. With the yellow circles denoting when our mobile efforts were formed in October 2012. You can clearly see here that our actual growth from October 2012 to present exceed our historical growth rate denoted in blue, modeled as a continuation of our previous trajectory and the industry growth rate denoted in yellow taken from reliable third-party sources from monthly users in revenue and from Flurry for time spend.

Our mobile investments have meet of goal of growing market share, and are achieving material revenue on mobile this quarter indicates our team has successfully completed the first lap around the virtuous circle we’ve talked about so many times here before, people, products, traffic, revenue.

Hire great people, they will build great products that generate increase traffic and ultimately increased revenue. I’d also like to update you on Tumblr. We acquired Tumblr a little more than 15 months ago. Over the past 15 months they have seen strong growth.

Their audience grew 40% from 300 million to more than 420 million users. The number of register blogs nearly doubled from 105 million to 206 million, mobile monthly users of their mobile app grew by 50% and perhaps most impressively Tumblr time spend grew from 22 minutes to 28 minutes per Tumblr’s and Tumblr dashboard sessions.

The engagement numbers on Tumblr continue to be really impressive. This year Tumblr has also focus on revenue growth. Today more than 260 of the world’s top brands not only have a presence on Tumblr but also advertising spend on the platform, and that number grows everyday.

We launched Tumblr’s sponsored post this summer to great effect. Marketers really like the content marketing format and how it helps them express their messages and reach audience in a way that the audience is in the way they feels very nature.

Tumblr’s revenue is growing nicely and we anticipate them achieving more than $100 million in revenue as well as positive EBITDA in 2015. The Internet sector is incredibly competitive and inquisitive industry to build products that compete and successfully attract users and accelerating engagement revenue, acquisitions have not been a choice for Yahoo! in my view but rather a necessity.

We think about acquisitions in three groups; talent acquisitions, building block acquisitions and larger strategic acquisitions. I’d like to talk more about our acquisition philosophy and how we think about capital deployment in this area.

Let’s start with talent acquisitions. In our virtual cycle in order to build beautiful inspiring products, grow engagement and ultimately revenue everything starts with having the best people. So we need to attract great inspiring entrepreneurial people to work at Yahoo! to help us accelerate our transformation in mobile and other growth areas.

When I first arrived Yahoo! was a very different place attracting top talent in July 2012 in the wake up years of corporate turbulence and high efficient in core areas was challenging to say the least. Talent acquisitions were the best way for us to gain functioning teams in key areas for accomplish, responsible, accountable, collaborative and visionary and to do so quickly. Our strategy of using talent acquisitions in this manner works brilliantly.

The people we gain from those acquisitions now hone our efforts in mobile, video, native, digital magazines and more. They drive and are directly responsible for the growth we are seeing in mobile engagement, mobile revenue and native apps.

We will continue to do thoughtful appropriate talent acquisition in the future when that is the right strategy to bring great people to the company. When I call building block acquisitions, our larger M&A deals that tend to be about people and a key technology, as a result we only look at building block acquisitions that aligned with one of four pillars, search, communications, digital magazines and video.

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