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You 2.0 – What it REALLY Takes to Be the Best Version of Yourself: Anthony Cheam

In life, if you choose to accept the terms and conditions of your challenge, your adversity, what you’re really telling me is this: ‘You’re accepting the terms and conditions to take responsibility… full responsibility for what shows up in your life.’

Now, there’s a whole slew plethora of challenges and problems that show up in our life, daily, from the outside world: the weather, the economy, that we have no control over — disease… our boyfriend or a girlfriend might leave us! Or a husband or wife might leave us! Other things we certainly can’t control.

However, would you not agree that going back to university, going back to college, or upgrading your skills and getting new certifications on a yearly basis…. would that not constitute an upgrade and update in your life software? Yes, yes!!!

We’re not nurturing your relationship with your kids, your family, your friends, God, the Universe… And continuously meeting the needs of those you love, constitute an upgrade and update in your software? Absolutely!

Would not prayer and meditation, and taking part in an exercise program, or eating nursing foods, that Bob so clearly pointed out, — would that not constitute an upgrade and update in your life? Yes!

Would not seeking counseling and coaching and coming to seminars like this and seeing me speak constitute an upgrade and updating software? Yes, of course, right!

But I’m not so easily convincing and naive to think that life is as easy as pressing a button on the screen of your life and ‘Yes’ and within seconds our life is better. It’s like I like the metaphor and you know, remember ‘The Matrix’? Who’s seen ‘The Matrix’ before, the movie, ‘The Matrix’ — great metaphor.

Neo is played by Keanu Reeves, who’s the primary hero, protagonist in the movie. And he’s asleep in a dream called ‘The Matrix’. And they find him, they pull him out! He’s the hero, he’s the savior.

And there comes a point in the movie – I love this. He’s sitting in a chair and they plug him into this computer and start uploading/ downloading new software into his brain, his computer’s a brain or his brain is a computer. And as the guy shuffling through the disks – he’s skipping the loading program – training program. All these things, he goes right to combat training and as he sticks it in, Neo looks at him and goes “I’m going to learn Jujitsu!” and the AI goes through the seconds — He’s a jujitsu master.

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And he can chop his way through life and everything’s all fine and within hours he’s mastered every single martial arts discipline known to man, within hours. And later on in the movie, his girlfriend is standing on top of a building and she calls the guy up and says ‘I need to learn to fly this particular model of a helicopter. Could you do that?’ The guy puts the disc in. She can learn how to fly a helicopter – No problem!

Now as much as there are some differences between the metaphors I’ve used in computers and our life, there are some similarities. And let me point this out.

We may not be able to fly a helicopter or learn martial arts in seconds or minutes, but we can do it over a lifetime in 10 hours, 10 weeks, 10 months. If we just consciously choose to face what’s in front of us, choose what we face, what’s in front of us.

Now I believe the next three components are elemental in upgrading and updating your software, which basically are a condensed version of what I write in my book  — ‘The ABCs of Life: Living a Life of Power, Purpose and Passion.’ And they are as follows: Faith, Fire and Flexibility!

Now ultimately when we meet a challenge, when we face a struggle in our life, and we turn away from that struggle — are we operating from a level of faith or from a level of fear?

Fear, now, let’s define fear for a second. We may have all heard that acronym of FEAR right. False Evidence Appearing Real. That’s nice; right. I like the more pragmatic simplistic version. Forget everything and run, all right. Just run as fast you can. Turn away and run. Everything’s getting better.

But in the simplest terms and the simplest definitions possible — fear is simply this. And listen clearly, fear is trusting that the worst, the bad, the wrong, the ugly will happen regardless of any physical evidence to suggest that it will.

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Let’s say you fear getting in a car accident, or you fear losing your job! What you’re really telling me is this – you’re trusting that those things are going to happen, regardless of any physical evidence to suggest that it will. You might actually be sitting in your bed fearing these things because you’re fearing and focusing on it, you’re feeling it.

What is FAITH? Listen clearly, I love this definition – Focused Awareness In Trusting Harmony! Beautiful! But at its base let’s define it more clearly and more effectively.

Faith is simply trusting that the best, the good, the righteous and the beautiful will happen, regardless of any physical evidence to suggest that it will.

So whatever struggle you are going through currently in your life, right now – personally, professionally… whether it’s in your control or not… If you meet that with faith and courage, what you’re basically telling me is this — that you’re going to trust that no matter what’s happening, no matter how bad it is, you’re going to trust that the good, the best, the righteous and the beautiful will happen, regardless of any physical evidence to suggest that it will.

In fact, evidence may suggest that it won’t work out. But you’re going to trust anyway.

Second, FIRE VERSUS ICE. When I think of ice, I think of someone who’s paralyzed and frozen by fear, anxiety, worry, inadequacy, unworthiness. We’ve all been there before.

And out of that frozen cold heart arises one word that I can think of — cynicism. A cynic, and out of that cynic arises three components that is outlined so beautifully in the self-help books, self-help classic book by Dale Carnegie, ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’. And he says this: Criticize, condemn and complain… people that have a cold heart, frozen heart, start to criticize life, their friends, their family. They start to condemn God, the universe or whoever. They start to complain about virtually everything that shows up in their life, regardless if it’s good or not.

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