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You 2.0 – What it REALLY Takes to Be the Best Version of Yourself: Anthony Cheam

When I think of fire, I think of the power of the Sun that heats our whole entire planet, that without it we’d all be dust. That I think when I think of fire – I think of blazing determination, I think your burning desire that when you focus the energy of the Sun through a magnifying glass, when it’s focused it can sear and burn through anything.

They say that you can measure the IQ of any human being on the planet, which in today’s world means this much. But they can never measure the heart, the hunger, the drive, the power of the human spirit of a man, woman or child.

Number three FLEXIBILITY VS. RIGIDITY. In seminars like this that I do, that I conduct and with working with groups and individuals, I ask them this question about flexibility and rigidity. I ask them this: What is the one thing in nature that has the potential to survive a hurricane, tornado or torrential storms?” A palm tree. Why? Because it bends and flexes in the wind, yet – and here’s the key – remains deeply rooted in the earth.

So must we be flexible in our response to challenge and how we approach the challenge, yet remain deeply rooted in what’s most important in our life, what we deem as valuable, our principles, our morals.

Now I want to end here in terms of something that is very important, in terms of the most important update and upgrade that you could possibly make in your life, consistently throughout your life, and perhaps you are in that stage right now!

It is the most important update of upgrading your life software your systems of belief based on the current life stage you discover yourself to be in. What does that mean? I’ll give you a couple of examples of this to illustrate it.

I was coaching a 45 year-old woman in her mid 40s. And after getting to know her for a couple minutes I realized this: This woman is strong, she is healthy, she’s fit, she’s beautiful, she’s wise, makes a lot of money. What does she need me for?

And it soon turned out she was depressed, frustrated, lacking meaning and purpose in her life. And I soon discovered that she had a blueprint or worldview or ‘system of belief’ that was 20 years old. But her software was out of date.

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See, in her 20s and 30s, she was this fitness competitor, fitness model – fitness bodybuilder – getting pictures done in magazines, getting all this attention, making connections! People loved her and respected her.

Now she’s in her mid-40s and she could still do that, but she transitioned into a different stage of her life. Yet her software didn’t follow. She wasn’t even aware of that.

And so what actually happened was I got her to be aware of that. Asked her questions and from that awareness I asked her mind powering, thought-provoking questions like… ‘Happiness is what… ?’ ‘What is real happiness to you?’ ‘Let’s create a new vision for yourself!’ ‘Health is what… energy is what… vitality is what… vigor is what’. And she started to create a new foundation for her life and started having a new compelling future. And almost instantly, she’d see her whole state change.

Second example is this. Who in here, has kids or children? I have two of them – five and a three-year-old. Would not having your first child or is not having your first child a massive upgrade and update in your life software? Yes, of course, it is.

You can read as many books on labor, on children. My wife did… and nothing prepared you for the exhaustion and the chaos of it. But it’s also very rewarding.

Now, in the example I’m giving you now, let’s say for example, the mother has this child for the first time. She looks at this baby with so much unconditional love, right! And she says. ‘You know what! I’ve made some bad decisions in my life… I drank too much, I partied too much, I did too many drugs. I hung around the wrong people. This child deserves more. I’m changing now!’ And she consciously chooses to upgrade her software.

Now let’s say, for example, the father. Now this can be reversed. I’m not picking on fathers by any means. But the father says consciously/ unconsciously and says ‘You know what… I’m going to continue on with my life and be selfish, egotistical, drink, party, come home in the wee hours in the morning and not change!’

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And guess what shows up? Disharmony in the life software of your relationship shows up! And guess what viruses within that relationship plague both the couples in the worst form: Hate and resentment! And guess who suffers the worst of it? The child!

Now lastly, I will end here.

Is it not true that sometimes on the computer screen or tablet or phone that we have, when our download is almost fully complete, we get a message that says something like ‘Your download is almost fully complete! But in order for the completion of this download, you must restart your computer!’?

The same thing goes for us as human beings – who – if you’re going through some chaos in your life, some struggles, lacking meaning, or whatever struggle you’re going through… Sometimes we must do this… ‘Press restart!’ on our minds, our bodies and our souls. Take a couple steps back, re-examine our motives, re-examine who we are, reevaluate what’s most important to us, reprioritize our vision, our commitment, our mission, our passions, our purpose in our power… And claim it. No one’s going to do it for you.

Food for thought.

You 2.0 is available to you at any moment in time. The question is – are you going to consciously step in and use faith, fire and flexibility or are you going to be paralyzed by fear, a cold heart and rigidity?

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Anthony Cheam, wishing that you give, live and love with ultimate limitless and infinite power, purpose and passion.

Thank you very much for having me here today.

Thank you.


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