You are a Simulation & Physics Can Prove It by George Smoot (Full Transcript)

And then on the left, yeah your left, there is the beginnings of a mapping of a brain, so that I can take and map that brain, and just place it into a computer. So, how’s that going to work? The answer is, it’s going to work just fine, because we’re there to the point where we can do it now.

So, here is a high-resolution, 45-minute brain scan that was done in February. And 45 minutes, that’s how long you have to hold the person’s head still, in order to make a map to this level. And what you can see here are the main — Let’s see if the laser pointer works — — No — So, you can see here the main highways in your brain. They’re mapped out by this, and this is basically an MRI, I got a scan of my brain done and I was really impressed, to prove that I had a brain, but one of my friends got an fMRI to prove that his brain worked.

The thing that’s impressive about this is that the MRIs are getting so good now, you can map to the individual neuron level. The problem is there’s a lot of neurons, so you have to hold the head still for a long time, and that’s an advance in the ability to do the mapping, and also in the software for doing that mapping. And, so, that’s where we are today. If we can hold the person still long enough, if we can find a volunteer that we can put the little plastic thing on their head, to hold their head still for some days, which is a little bit of a problem, we could probably go ahead and map their entire brain, and then just transform that map into a computer model, and we would have that person’s mind downloaded into a computer. This is coming and this is coming soon, just like it’s now possible for on the order of 1,000 pound to get your DNA mapped, it’s going to cost you something — in about 30 years it’s going to be possible to download your brain into a computer for about 1,000 pounds, plus inflation. Well, I don’t know how – could go up, could go down. Right?

But there’s tremendous advances in technology and these are making it possible to do things that before we were without. So, I have quote from a Google expert, we’ll be uploading entire minds to computers in 2045. He also says we’ll do bodies too, I’m thinking we won’t do bodies, what we’ll do is we’ll take that mind and keep it from going out of its mind, we’ll put it on artificial reality, it’s in the computer, it’s going to get bored, wants entertainment, wants social interactions, so we’re going to create artificial realities.

Now, in the old days, we’d make a thing like that, if you remember the Matrix. Right? Ones and zeros, now, in fact, we may use quantum computers, so we’ll have entangled states, but, in fact, it’ll be some kind of a complicated environment where we can interact socially, because people want to be social, so there’ll have to be thousands of people to interact with, and there’ll have to be all kinds of other things in order to make that artificial environment sort of realistic and keep you going.

And remember, when you download your brain, you’re going to think about a million times faster, you’re going to experience life about a million times faster. It’s going to be a very different kind of a situation. You know? The idea of going back in machines and going out in the real world where things are still slow, you’re going to get tired of doing that. And the size of simulated porn isn’t so good in the real world.

Okay, so, now, the other thing I have to do is to attack your certainty. So, I have to point out to you, human beings are not good at figuring out if they’re real. So, the human mind is really not equipped for addressing this and many other important questions. So, the first question I’m going to give you is count the number of black dots. It’s a still picture and there’s no video. Here we go. You see this picture? How many of you see the horse in the picture? How many of you cannot see the horse in the picture? Once you see the horse, it’s hard not to see the horse.

And I want to show a picture of an object and ask you: Can it be real? And then I’m going to tell you, it’s a photograph, the watch is real, the paper’s real, the desk is real. Is that object real? Well, it’s a photograph, so it’s a real in some sense, as is this, and for me, this object flips back and forth.

Here is the real version of that, made out of 2x4s, focused at two different angles, and you see it’s an optical illusion where your eye puts it together. And here’s another example, and this is another example, just for fun, because you know it’s just rotated, but the first response is: Phew, that’s weird.

So, here’s one you’re going to get the answer to. Which of these is longer? So, they’re the same. How come? It doesn’t really look that way to you. You knew that I was tricking you, so you understand, well, you still look at it, and think, well, but I’d better check now because I know I’m going to make mistakes.

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