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Corrie Ten Boom Talks at 700 Club (Transcript)

Transcript of Corrie Ten Boom’s talks at 700 Club….


Corrie Ten Boom – Dutch clockmaker

…I am always amazed about the most different introductions that I have experienced over the world.

In the beginning, when I came in America, I had really to get used to the beautiful way the Americans introduced me. And sometimes it was so strong that I almost got a headache by the heat of the halo that the people made around my head. And then I didn’t know what to say, and then I found a very good illustration about a woodpecker.

Now you know, a woodpecker is used to pick with his beak against the stem of a tree. And this woodpecker did it too. The very moment that the woodpecker ticked with his beak at a tree, the lightning struck that tree and destroyed it. And the bird flew away and said to the other birds, ‘Boy, I didn’t know that there was so much power in my beak.’

Do you understand what I was saying? I’m glad that Ben didn’t give me a headache. You know, when there is a blessing tonight, it is not the power of my mouth, it is the Holy Spirit, and that’s why I’m so happy to speak here, because I know you love the Holy Spirit, you enjoy the Holy Spirit, and let us work together.

Let us listen together to what the Holy Spirit has to tell us. And when you pray in the time that I speak, then we are really a team together. And I know when you do that, then the Lord will give us a new vision on what it means to live in this time.

We have heard that the Lord Jesus has said, ‘You will have power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you.’ This afternoon, I was for the first time in such a meeting where so many people were healed where Kathryn Kuhlman was used by the Lord. And I don’t know if you had the same as I, that I was a little bit amazed that so many people fall down.

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