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Full Transcript: President Trump Holds Coronavirus Briefing

President Donald Trump held the latest coronavirus press briefing on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Below is the full text.


President Donald Trump:

Well, thank you very much and good afternoon.

Today, I want to provide an update on our response to the China virus and what my administration is doing to get the outbreak in the Sun Belt under control, seems largely in Sun Belt, but could be spreading.

My team is also working night and day with Capitol Hill to advance the next economic relief package. We’re working very hard on it. We’re making a lot of progress.

I also know that both sides want to get it done. We’ll call it Phase Four. I think we’re going to get it done. We’ll protect our workers, our schools, and our families, and protect them very strongly.

As one family, we mourn every precious life that’s been lost. I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine and we will defeat the virus. We’re doing very well with vaccine development and therapeutic development.

But I want to thank our brave doctors and nurses and frontline responders. The job they do is incredible and they are truly brave.

My administration will stop at nothing to save lives and shield the vulnerable, which is so important. We’ve learned so much about this disease and we know who the vulnerable are and we are going to indeed shield them.

And again, the vaccines are coming and they’re coming a lot sooner than anyone thought possible, by years. If you look at the old system and look at the new system, I think by years.

The China virus is a vicious and dangerous illness, but we’ve learned a great deal about it and who it targets. We are in the process of developing a strategy that’s going to be very, very powerful. We’ve developed as we go along.

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