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6 Tips On Being A Successful Entrepreneur: John Mullins (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of John Mullins’ talk titled “6 Tips On Being A Successful Entrepreneur” at TED conference.

In this TED talk, entrepreneurship professor John Mullins offers practical advice for those looking to navigate the challenging waters of entrepreneurship. Mullins emphasizes the importance of adopting counterconventional mindsets that challenge the status quo of big company practices. He introduces six distinct mindsets, including the value of saying “Yes, we can,” focusing on solving problems rather than pushing products, and the significance of cash flow management through innovative strategies like “asking for the cash and riding the float.”

Mullins also discusses the benefits of leveraging existing resources, as exemplified in the “beg, borrow, but please, please don’t steal” approach, highlighting the success stories of entrepreneurs who creatively utilized what was available to them. He underscores the entrepreneurial spirit of pushing boundaries without waiting for permission, a trait seen in the founders of disruptive companies like Uber.

Mullins concludes with an invitation for self-reflection among aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging them to identify and cultivate these mindsets within themselves. His talk serves as a guide for building a successful venture by thinking differently and boldly pursuing opportunities.

Listen to the audio version here:


The Birth of

In 1995, a graphic design teacher named Lynda Weinman, and also an aspiring entrepreneur, decided to get the website She did so because she needed a sandbox to play in, with the new graphic design tools, the digital tools that were being developed at that time: Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more. And she needed a place to put her students’ work so all could see it.

Well, she put that website together, and the business began to grow. And in 2002, she discovered it could be much, much more, so she moved all of her teaching online. Later, the business was sold to LinkedIn, who renamed it LinkedIn Learning, sold for 1.5 billion US dollars. Lynda is the poster child for what I call the counterconventional mindsets of entrepreneurs. So, I want to tell you about these mindsets today, and here we go.

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