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Advice for Leaders on Creating a Culture of Belonging: Melonie D. Parker (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Melonie D. Parker’s talk titled “Advice for Leaders on Creating a Culture of Belonging” at TED Podcast.

In this conversation titled “Advice for Leaders on Creating a Culture of Belonging,” Google’s chief diversity officer Melonie D. Parker emphasized the evolving landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion in corporate America. She highlighted the growth of chief diversity officers in 2020-2021 and acknowledged the challenges faced in maintaining momentum amidst economic shifts.

Parker underlined the necessity of fostering a culture of belonging, asserting that diversity and inclusion are insufficient without it. She stressed the importance of recognizing and valuing diverse voices and perspectives, particularly within Black and Brown communities. Drawing from her experiences at Google, she discussed the company’s proactive stance and commitment to racial equity and inclusion.

Parker also mentioned the significant role of different generations, particularly Gen Z, in demanding a more inclusive and representative workplace. Ultimately, her talk provided insightful guidance for leaders on embracing diversity and nurturing a culture where everyone feels valued and included.


The Power of Diversity and Inclusion

Sherrell Dorsey: Melonie, I’m so honored to be sitting and sharing the stage with you.

Melonie D. Parker: I couldn’t wait for today to have our conversation joined with all these lovely women.

Sherrell Dorsey: There’s so much to cover. To be at this experience, to be celebrating the power, the voice, the ideas of women. There’s also some really grappling and gripping conversations that we have to have, particularly around diversity, this idea of equity, as well as inclusion. And your work, even beyond your title, has been extremely massive. But we also have to look at what the last few years has entailed and what commitments have been made from corporate entities. And so I want to dive in today, with you this morning, about where we sort of were and where we’re going.

But maybe let’s start with this commitment, particularly that Google made right out of the gate, particularly when we think about 2020, the murder of George Floyd and the sort of subsequent reckonings that our country, that the world has had and what that’s meant for your team, for your organization at large, and how we’re starting to think a little bit differently about the shifts that are now happening.

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