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Home » After Baby, Don’t Bounce Back. Bounce Forward! – Tiffiny Hall (Transcript) 

After Baby, Don’t Bounce Back. Bounce Forward! – Tiffiny Hall (Transcript) 

Here is the full transcript of personal trainer and author Tiffiny Hall’s talk titled “After Baby, Don’t Bounce Back. Bounce Forward!” at TEDxDocklands 2019 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


The Power of Mind Over Matter

Thank you. Let’s talk about mind over matter. For me, I was concerned that a change in matter would kill my business. I was terrified of getting pregnant. I thought this would be the end of everything that I loved, 20 years of hard work in building my business in the fitness industry.

When I finally fell pregnant, I was ecstatic, the best day ever, best moment, and everyone came to congratulate me and say, “Fantastic, we’re so excited for you.” But very quickly the conversation changed from congratulations to “Can you give me some baby weight loss tips? Can you tell me how to bounce back? I’ve just had a baby, I need to lose the weight.”

They started to ask me, “Are you concerned about losing your body? Are you concerned about losing your abs, and the impact of that on your business?” Well if I wasn’t scared then, I am really scared now.

A Fit and Active Lifestyle

So I was pretty fit. I was a gladiator, up in the air in aerial events, doing combat in the air with my angel wings. I was a coach on The Biggest Loser many years, transforming people to lose sometimes 50% of their body weight. I am a 6th Dan black belt Kukkiwon certified martial artist in Taekwondo, one of the highest ranking female martial artists in the world for my age.

I thought, “Jeez, pregnancy, I’ve got this.” I ain’t got this. No, I didn’t have it at all. My body took to pregnancy. At eight weeks, I had to announce that I was pregnant because I had such a big bump I could not hide it any longer. I was very ill, as many women are in their first trimester, very sick. But for me, the sickness didn’t pass.

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