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Home » Agoraphobia: The Fear of Fear – Linda Bussey (Transcript)

Agoraphobia: The Fear of Fear – Linda Bussey (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Linda Bussey’s talk titled “Agoraphobia: The Fear of Fear” at TEDxYellowknifeWomen conference.

Linda Bussey’s talk titled “Agoraphobia: The Fear of Fear” offers a deep and personal insight into her struggles and experiences with agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder that causes individuals to avoid places or situations that might induce panic.

Beginning with her unexpected journey into the grips of this condition, Bussey shares how a routine commute transformed into a life-altering moment of panic and fear. She emphasizes the isolation and challenges she faced, spending years confined to the safety of her bedroom, highlighting the profound impact agoraphobia had on her daily life and relationships. Through her narrative, Bussey illustrates the importance of understanding, support, and therapy in navigating the complexities of mental health issues.

She discusses her journey towards recovery, including the pivotal role her family played and the coping mechanisms she developed over four decades. Notably, Bussey shares her personal victories and the strategies she employs to manage her condition, such as neuro-linguistic programming and the avoidance of certain triggers. Her talk is not only a testament to her resilience but also serves as an inspiration and a source of hope for others facing similar battles.

Listen to the audio version here:


Thank you, this is fear right now. I have no idea how come I didn’t go through those doors yet. I just want to say I’m Stephanie’s neighbor, the one she talked about, that nobody knows what really the life they live. Anxiety and panic attacks are not a new diagnosis. The ancient Greeks talked about depression and anxiety. Spas were first introduced so people that were suffering from anxiety could find a place of comfort. I’m here today to talk to you about my personal journey. No scientific data, just the way at 20, I was diagnosed with agoraphobia.

The Early Years

So, I spent two years almost in my bedroom, and that led to anxiety and panic attacks till this day. For the past four decades, I learned to be patient, to be motivated. I learned how to trust myself and to trust others.

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