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Home » Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: Just Say Yes at Stanford GSB (Full Transcript)

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt: Just Say Yes at Stanford GSB (Full Transcript)

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt

Here is the full transcript of Alphabet’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt’s talk titled “Just Say Yes” at Stanford GSB…This event took place on Monday, April 24, 2017.


Eric Schmidt – Executive Chairman, Alphabet

It’s great to be back wearing my, almost, Stanford red, and I’m excited for you all to graduate. And I’m excited for the first year to make it to the second year, and it’s just wonderful to be here.

I will tell you that in the 14 years I’ve been teaching here, the faculty, I think, has been pretty much the same, and the students just are getting more impressive. All right, so you really are the best, and my guess is that 10 years from now, the students will be even stronger. That’s extraordinary, the statement of what Stanford has been able to do.

What I wanted to do was talk for a few minutes about the age that we’re in and the age we’re going to. And then I thought, since I’ve been here so long and because we talk a lot about these things, talk a little bit about sort of life advice, some of things that we talk about in our class.

And maybe you can debate and disagree or agree on this or anything else, or, perhaps, present your latest startup idea and see how well you do in front of your peers. I’m convinced that we’re actually entering an age of abundance, and that age of abundance is defined by too much information, right?

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