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Home » Are You Self-Aware Or Just Self-Absorbed? – Fin Sheridan (Transcript)

Are You Self-Aware Or Just Self-Absorbed? – Fin Sheridan (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of EQ Leadership’s founder Fin Sheridan’s talk titled “Are You Self-Aware Or Just Self-Absorbed?” at TEDxUnity Park 2024 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


The Arrogance Game

In 2020, my friends and I started playing a game and it started just being a couple of us and then it started to spread and before long it was, I was getting voice notes from other friendship groups that I didn’t even know participating. And the game is we were asking one another, “What’s your most arrogant take about yourself?”

Now what I’d love to do is just press time out on the TED talk thing and let’s just do that. Open mic right now with this room. I’ve actually seen that happen and it was an absolute train wreck, except for the person facilitating. So that would be quite fun. Some of the answers that people gave.

One friend said that if all they needed was a job interview and they were convinced they could get any job in the world. Okay. Fair enough. Well, another friend said that as long as he, and it was a he, as long as he was better looking, he would have untakeable power, which is deeply concerning.

Another friend said that if they hadn’t stopped playing tennis at age nine, they were convinced that they could be any world number one. Another friend said in a room full of their peers, that they were the best leader in the room. And this was a leadership room that really felt like it was all the best leader in the room. And they just own that thing.

My Most Arrogant Take

I’m going to share my most arrogant take with you. And as I have prepared for this moment, I’ve really evaluated, for four years I’ve been saying this out loud in front of people, and it’s very rarely gone down well. So I thought on the biggest stage of my life, this would surely be the best place for it to come out.

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