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Home » Artificial Intelligence: It Will Kill Us by Jay Tuck (Full Transcript)

Artificial Intelligence: It Will Kill Us by Jay Tuck (Full Transcript)

Jay Tuck at TEDxHamburgSalon

Following is the full text of US defense expert Jay Tuck’s talk titled “Artificial Intelligence: It Will Kill Us” at TEDxHamburgSalon conference.


The subject of my talk tonight is about something that is smarter than you are: artificial intelligence.

In fact, a lot of people who work in artificial intelligence believe that artificial intelligence is a thousand times smarter than we are. It will be moving at speeds that are a hundred thousand times as fast as we think, and it will be digesting information and data a million times more than we can.


There’re a lot of confused ideas about this outside in the world, but the answer is very simple; it’s one sentence: artificial intelligence is software that writes itself. It writes its own updates. It renews itself.

We normally tend to think of software as stuff that we created and that we wrote, and the machines do what we tell them to do, and we own it. This is not any longer true.

It writes itself at speeds that we can hardly comprehend, and people who write it know that you can’t take it apart again and figure out what it has done.

It writes independently, autonomously; it develops its own way of thinking, and there are dangers associated with that.

A lot of people ask, “When is it going to happen? When is artificial intelligence going to be smarter than us people?”

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