BAE Systems’ (BAESY) CEO Ian Graham King on Q2 2014 Results – Earnings Call Transcript


Ian Graham King – Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and Member of Non-Executive Directors Fees Committee

Peter J. Lynas – Group Finance Director and Executive Director

Gerard J. DeMuro – Executive Director

Nigel Whitehead – Group Managing Director of Programmes & Support

Kevin Taylor – Group Strategy Director

Guy Griffiths – Group Managing Director


Christian Laughlin – Bernstein

Benjamin Fidler – Deutsche Bank AG

BAE Systems PLC ADR (OTCPK:BAESY) Q2 2014 Results Earnings Conference Call July 31, 2014 5:00 AM ET

Ian Graham King – Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and Member of Non-Executive Directors Fees Committee

Good morning, and thanks for joining our webcast on this busy morning for reporting. Operationally, the Group continues to perform well, benefiting from good program performance on our large backlog of almost £40 billion. Clearly, we faced some exchange rate headwind, but this is about translation, not transaction.

We expect sales to be weighted towards the second half as a result of a stronger second half performance from contracted deliveries. Margin performance was, in general, very good during the first half with a couple of legacy issues in our U.S. support solutions business, which our new management team are on top of.

Our order backlog of close to £40 billion remains very strong, even though it’s reduced by some £400 million as a result of exchange rate translation. There are some £1.3 billion of international orders where contractual paperwork is being finalized and £1 billion of sole source U.K. naval contracts, which are at an advanced stage of negotiations yet to be booked into this order backlog.

Overall, we expect robust underlying performance across the group for the full year. However, as we set out at the results announcement in February, the one of benefits to earnings we enjoyed in the second half last year from the settlement of pricing on Salam Typhoon aircraft to Saudi Arabia will not be repeated this year.

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As a result of the non-recurring nature of this settlement, we expect earnings per share to decline by approximately 5% to 10% compared to 2013, excluding any impact from foreign exchange translation.

In the U.S., the Bipartisan Budget approval in December 2013 is providing improved near-term clarity, and should enable some program priorities to be better addressed. Against this background, we have seen an improved level of procurement activity within our U.S.-based electronic system business and on some support programs.

I’m also pleased to report that our U.S. land business is on plan. We continue to bid for the armored multipurpose vehicle to replace the large fleet of U.S. M113 vehicles. A major competitor recently withdrew from this competition, and success and winning this large and valuable program would do much to secure our tracked vehicle industrial position in the U.S. for a number of years. We expect a decision within the next 12 months on the first phase.

Budget constrains and reduced activity are most apparent in our Intelligence & Security business, where we continue to have only short lead time contract visibility. The impact of the 2013 underperformance in the Radford contract and commercial shipbuilding continue to depress margins in the U.S. support solutions business into the first half.

Gerry DeMuro has hit the ground running and he is on top of these support solutions issues. He has been quick to make his mark and have streamlined the organization, reducing four sectors to three to bring new management oversight to the activities of the former support solutions businesses and reduce administrative overhead.

We continue to make ground in our strategy for organic growth in commercial aircraft electronics. Boeing’s recent selection of BAE Systems to supply the integrated digital flight control system on its next generation 777X program was a key win, securing an important role on this promising platform.

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Turning now to the U.K. Much of the Group’s U.K. business is concentrated on a small number of large programs where multi-year contracts provide good visibility and a large order backlog. We continue to perform well on our major U.K. programs. We welcome the discipline that has enabled MOD to balance the defense plan. It has not been easy for either government or industry.

Our military air business continues to benefit from both stable Typhoon production and our extensive support and upgrade business. In the first half of this year, we have delivered four Salam Typhoon aircraft of an anticipated 12 deliveries this year. The phasing of Salam Typhoon aircraft deliveries and European Tranche 3 aircraft results in higher second half sales.

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