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Home » Barbara Oakley: Learning How to Learn @ Talks at Google (Transcript)

Barbara Oakley: Learning How to Learn @ Talks at Google (Transcript)

Barbara Oakley @ Talks at Google

Here is the full transcript of Barbara Oakley’s talk on Learning How to Learn @ Talks at Google  conference.

Introducing speaker: We have a very, very special guest with us today. I remember reading Charlie Munger saying that he didn’t know a smart man who didn’t read all the time. And he has categorized Warren Buffett as a learning machine.

The inspiration from there is how does one become a very effective learner? What is the science of learning? And reading Barb’s book, that is exactly what the book seems to be teaching us. And I have loved reading her book. Not only loved reading her book, I could identify that the voice in that book is the voice of a teacher, and that resonated a lot with me personally. So I’m very glad Barb is here with us today.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming Barb Oakley.

Barbara Oakley: It’s such a pleasure to be here. And I’d like to begin by telling you a little story– another one. And this story is about– well, I think all of us love to watch other people, right? To some greater or lesser extent. And I love people watching.

And so I have to tell you about this one guy who was one of the most interesting people. I’ve ever watched. And this was when I was working down in Antarctica at McMurdo Station, and this guy’s name was Neil. And Neil was this thin, wispy little guy with kind of a high-pitched voice. And he had a big head, so he looked like this sort of upside-down exclamation point. And what Neil used to like to do is he liked to pick up the phone and answer it with a perfect imitation of the 6’8″ gorilla of a station manager, Art Brown.

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