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Home » The Big Secret Nobody Wants To Tell by Bruce Muzik (Transcript)

The Big Secret Nobody Wants To Tell by Bruce Muzik (Transcript)

Bruce Muzik, a world class trainer and speaker, talks on The Big Secret Nobody Wants To Tell

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: The big secret nobody wants to tell _ Bruce Muzik _ TEDxSinCity


Thank you. So I’m 10 years-old and today is going to be a great day because my mom is going to take me to the beach. And so we scramble to the car and we drive down to the traffic lights and that we stop at the traffic lights and — we lock the doors.

And as we drive along the coast road to the beach, a bus fares down towards me and above the driver’s head is a big sign that says Whites-only. As we arrive at the beach, there is a big fence down in the middle of the beach dividing the beautiful white big sandy section into a small little black rocky section.

So I turn to my mom and I say, “Mommy, where is there a fence on the beach?”

And she says, “Honey, that’s to keep the white people separate from the black people”.

So I am 10 years old and on this journey alone, I have already learned that black people are dangerous  because they might hijack our car. And black people need to be kept separate.

I am 10 years-old and I’m already a racist.

Now fast-forward 18 years and my life is starting to look pretty rosy. I am a music producer. I’ve just written a song that wasn’t a number one on the South African Top 40 charts and stayed there for six weeks. I’ve just fallen in love with a beautiful woman but underneath my thin veneer of the appearance of success, I felt really numb inside. And have you ever felt numb inside before? Who had that feeling? Thank you.

But, of course, I wouldn’t tell any about that. When people asked me how I was doing, I’d say, “Hey, I’m fine. How are you” to prevent I am already discovering the deep resignation I had about my life.

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