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Billy Graham: Who is Jesus, Really? (Full Transcript)

Full text of renowned evangelist Billy Graham’s famous sermon titled “Who is Jesus” delivered at Chicago’s convention center in McCormick Place in June 1971.

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Billy Graham – Evangelist

I’m going to ask that we all bow our heads in prayer. Every head bowed and every eye closed. For many thousands of people here today, this will be an hour of decision, and you will never be the same today.

Even if you refuse Christ, you’ll never be the same. Once you’ve faced him, once you’ve heard the gospel and rejected it, you can never be the same. It says: “When the rich young ruler rejected Christ, he turned away grieved, emotionally disturbed”, because when you reject the claims of Christ, that’s a very serious thing.

It will be an hour of decision for many of you who receive him today. Your life will never be the same; your home will never be the same.

So let’s listen carefully and prayerfully today and reverently to the message of the Word of God. Shall we pray?

Our Father, we thank thee for this love of God that reaches around the world and engulfs all of mankind. Thou dost love the Russians and the Chinese as much as Thou dost love the British, all the Americans, all the African. Thou dost love the whole world. Thou didst send Thy Son to die for the whole world. And we’re all included in Thy Redemption plan. And we thank Thee that at this hour of history we can stand and proclaim good news that God is love, and that God is willing to forgive.

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