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Home » Martin Luther King Jr. on Why Jesus Called a Man a Fool Speech (Transcript)

Martin Luther King Jr. on Why Jesus Called a Man a Fool Speech (Transcript)

Martin Luther King Jr.

Below is the full text (Edited version) of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech on “Why Jesus Called A Man A Fool.” This event occurred on August 27, 1967.



“Why Jesus Called A Man A Fool.”

I want to share with you a dramatic little story from the gospel as recorded by Saint Luke. It is a story of a man who by all standards of measurement would be considered a highly successful man.

And yet, Jesus called him a fool.

If you will read that parable, you will discover that the central character in the drama is a certain rich man. This man was so rich that his farm yielded tremendous crops.

In fact, the crops were so great that he didn’t know what to do. And it occurred to him that he had only one alternative, and that was to build some new and bigger barns so he could store all of his crops.

“Take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.” That brother thought that was the end of life.

But the parable doesn’t end with that man making his statement. It ends by saying that God said to him, “Thou fool. Not next year, not next week, not tomorrow, but this night, thy soul is required of thee.”

And so it was at the height of his prosperity he died.

Look at that parable. Think about it. Think of this man: If he lived in Chicago today, he would be considered “a big shot.” And he would abound with all of the social prestige and all of the community influence that could be afforded.

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