Biswapati Sarkar: Being Who You Want To Be at TEDxFMS (Transcript)

Full transcript of creative director Biswapati Sarkar’s TEDx Talk: Being Who You Want To Be at TEDxFMS Conference.

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Biswapati Sarkar – TV writer

Hi, good morning everyone. Thank you for having me here. Thank you for putting up these red balloons. Really nice. I was just wondering if you cut them and they rise — how do you get them off the roof? Do you put a ladder?

Anyways, my name is Biswapati Sarkar. I spend most of my time writing, directing and acting for Internet videos and shows. Some of you know me as Arnub, some of you know me as a writer of Permanent Roommates and Pitchers. Some of you might not know me and that’s perfectly fine.

But today I’m going to talk about three words primarily. I’ve just added ‘and’ to make it sound like a title. It’s actually just three words: Engineering, Entertainment and Career.

Let me start by saying that I’m an idiot, and so don’t judge me by whatever I say by the end of this talk. I’ll start with — the first word is – yes, it’s Engineering. Like most people who are academically OK or academically decent, especially in the sciences and maths, physics and chemistry, I was — a lot of people felt, including me — a lot of people felt that I would be suited for engineering.

Unfortunately, I cracked IIT-JEE and fortunately or unfortunately I — and I entered IIT Kharagpur is when I realized – I met a lot of people and I got exposed to the world of cinema, where I saw films ranging from Japanese films from the ‘40s to the one that released last week. And that blew my mind, that really gave me the idea of the scope of stories that is possible. I had not seen a lot of Hollywood films prior to IIT, so the Hollywood films that I had seen were probably Jurassic Park or Titanic or Pirates of the Caribbean. So the idea that a normal everyday story could exist without songs was something which is completely an input.

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