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Home » Blab Droids – Self-Learning Social Cloud Robots: Alex Reben at TEDxBeaconStreet (Transcript)

Blab Droids – Self-Learning Social Cloud Robots: Alex Reben at TEDxBeaconStreet (Transcript)


So, we’re becoming evermore integrated with technology. It’s everywhere. But technology is really what we make of it. And, we should really bring it to the next level. And I think the way we can do this, is ask the question, “how can technology learn from us?” And the way it can learn from us, is that we can teach it. We can teach about humanity. And by doing so, it can make us more human.

Lack of understanding knowledge and empathy, is the root cause of many human problems.  And I believe we could use technology, to increase our level of understanding. We can get knowledge from places like the Internet, but the Internet in itself is not inquisitive. These are the BlabDroids. And they are robots created to learn about people.

And they do this by going around, and asking people questions, as most of us do when we want to learn. And you can see they are very cute, and made to be very friendly. Because if you want to have a relationship with a robot, it better be pretty nice. So, next you’ll see a couple of examples of the BlabDroids asking some people somewhat difficult questions.

Robot: if you could give someone any gift, what would it be?

Woman: Give my mother the gift of not worrying about me before she dies. And she wants me to lose, like a ton of weight, and get really really healthy. And she needs to see that, before she dies. For her to feel like I am going to be Ok when she is not here, and I wish I could give her that. And I am not positive I can. You asked!

Robot: if you died tomorrow, what would you regret the most?

Woman: I switched out her shampoo for a Nair hair remover when she wasn’t looking, and clumps of her hair fell out. I felt like she deserved it, it’s very much still justified. And I would do it again to her in a heartbeat. I still don’t like her. So these are the types of things that you may not tell a person who is coming up to you with questions, but the robots in fact got those answers. So, the ideas are these robots will become a tangible manifestation of cloud intelligence that can both learn and teach. And as I said before, the Internet in itself doesn’t necessarily learn, but these robots can be made in a way that we want to interact with them on a very high level.

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