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Home » Can Science Explain Everything? – John Lennox & James Tour (Transcript)

Can Science Explain Everything? – John Lennox & James Tour (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of the conversation titled “Can Science Explain Everything?” with renowned Oxford professor John Lennox and esteemed chemist Dr. James Tour.


ISABELLA: Welcome and thank you for being here for tonight’s conversation. A special welcome to those of you who are joining us on the live stream, either from Keck Hall or elsewhere. I am Isabella, I am a senior here at Rice, I am studying computer science, and it is my absolute pleasure to get to introduce y’all to our two speakers for tonight. And so I’m going to move over here so you can see them better.

And so this is Dr. Tour, and he is the T.T. and W.F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Computer Science, and Professor of Materials Science and Nanoengineering. He has over 785 published articles. He has over 130 patents, with 100 pending. He also has an incredibly long list of accomplishments, including the Oesper Award, the Royal Society of Chemistry Centenary Prize, and the Trotter Prize. In 2019, he was named in the 50 most influential scientists in the world by

And our honored guest, Dr. Lennox, is the Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, and he is an internationally renowned speaker and author of many books on the interface of science, philosophy, and religion. He has over 70 published articles on mathematics. He has co-authored two mathematical monographs for Oxford, and he also has translated Russian mathematics. And we are also just so glad to have Dr. Lennox again. He has come many times, had the invitation of Dr. Tour, and has always packed out rooms.

And tonight’s program will begin with the stories of faith of Dr. Tour and Dr. Lennox, and then we’re going to move into a conversation about Dr. Lennox’s book, “Can Science Explain Everything?” And then we’ll wrap up with a Q & A session moderated by Rice alumnus, Zac McCray. And so we are so glad to get to hear all of this, and Dr. Lennox, would you get us started? Thank you.

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