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Challenging Yourself Is The Key To Achieving Your Endeavours: Spoorthi Vishwas (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Spoorthi Vishwas’ talk titled “Challenging Yourself Is The Key To Achieving Your Endeavours” at TEDxCITBengaluru conference.

In this TEDx talk, Spoorthi Vishwas shares her personal journey of transformation and resilience. She began by recounting her early life struggles, including the pivotal moment of her mother’s departure and their move to Mysore, which set the stage for her relentless pursuit of success.

Spoorthi emphasized the importance of challenging oneself, drawing from her experiences of overcoming societal expectations and personal limitations. Her narrative included a significant shift from being unable to speak English confidently to becoming a celebrated public speaker and entrepreneur. Spoorthi also highlighted her initiative, the Karnataka Women Achievers Awards, as a platform to recognize and empower women, showcasing her commitment to creating change.

She discussed the critical role of relationships and support systems in navigating professional and personal growth. Through her talk, Spoorthi Vishwas illustrated that challenging oneself is not just about facing obstacles but about seizing opportunities to grow and inspire others.

Listen to the audio version here:


Everyone has a story. You have a story, this stage has a story, and this little girl standing here has a story. And I’m here to share this story from being nobody to being something today with all of you. I hope it actually, I would not say inspires because I don’t believe in motivation because motivation is overrated and consistency is underrated. I hope this talk will actually inspire to become consistent.

A New Beginning in Mysore

I was five, and that afternoon, I happened to wake up with my father to realize that my mom had left our house forever. We had to search for her three days just to know that she had taken the biggest decision of her life to divorce my dad. It was quite shocking, but we had to take it.

Cut to that, after three months, I and my mom happened to move to Mysore. It was just that, as I remember, there was nothing in our house, absolutely nothing except a floor mat. That is how I and my mom restarted our journey. You see a strong woman standing here right in front of you because I have been raised by a strong woman. I hope you all agree with you because you are here today because we are raised by that one woman who stands by us.

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