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Home » Confessions of A Sugar Addict In A Sugar-Laden World: Laura Marquis (Transcript)

Confessions of A Sugar Addict In A Sugar-Laden World: Laura Marquis (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of author Laura Marquis’ talk titled “Confessions of A Sugar Addict In A Sugar-Laden World” at TEDxLoyolaMarymountU 2015 conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


The Rising Tide of Obesity and Sugar Addiction

The past 20 years, obesity rates have dramatically increased in the United States, affecting one out of every three children and two out of every three adults. More startling, every seven seconds, someone dies from complications related to diabetes. Sadly, over 4.9 million people die annually due to food-related preventable diseases. And the number one culprit to all this unnecessary sickness and death is sugar.

So why does this matter so much to me? Because I had a sickness that was triggered by sugar, and if left to run rampant, it would have left me as one of these statistics. I suffer from the disease of addiction, and not just any kind of addiction, sugar addiction. I don’t say that in a cute way, like, “I really like chocolate or ice cream.”

Recognizing Sugar Addiction

I say I’m addicted to sugar like it controlled me, like I could not stop eating sugary foods. Today, I want to share my story about how I came to realize that I was addicted to sugar because it has brought me here. I now want to devote my time and energy to helping others understand, number one, how addictive sugar really is, and number two, how simply we can make changes to live a healthier life without sugar.

The first time I can remember hearing the term addiction, I was about 14 years old. I can remember sitting in the living room talking with my dad. We were talking about how everyone in this world has a vice. I completely idolized my dad and still do, so I couldn’t believe that he could or would have one. So I said, “Dad, what’s your vice?”

The Start of Awareness

I can remember what he said word for word. “Laura, some people are addicted to drinking, drugs, and alcohol. I’m addicted to food. But unlike other forms of addiction, you can’t just cut food out of your life. You can’t just stop eating.” He seemed slightly sad or embarrassed, but he wanted me to know. He didn’t want to hide it. Unfortunately, at this point, I was unaware I was already showing many of the same signs of having it.

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