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David Wilkerson Sermon: Lessons We Have Never Learned (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of David Wilkerson’s sermon titled “Lessons We Have Never Learned” which was delivered on September 6, 1998.

Listen to the audio version here:


I have been preaching a series of messages. First, you were exposed, hopefully and prayerfully, that you received the messages that went out in a book called “America’s Last Call.” I preached all of those messages here on this platform. And I’m going to be releasing soon a new book called “God’s Plan to Keep His People in the Coming Depression.” And that book will be out soon, and these are all messages I’ve preached in this pulpit, and today will be another.

There are two more to come, so just rest. There are two more to come, and these are hopeful messages, as I trust this will be this morning. I asked the Lord why we as watchmen have to keep warning and bring message after message, and I found the answer in John 14. After Jesus had warned of coming persecution and very hard times, He said to the disciples, “I’ve told you before it came to pass that when it has come to pass, you might believe.”

Well, they were already believers. Believe what? Frankly, I believe that Jesus is saying, “If you know I forewarned you, you can believe that I’ll keep you through what I told you was coming.” He said, “You can believe, if you can believe that I loved you so much to warn you, you can believe that I will take you through it.”

And what the Lord said right after, “I won’t be talking to you very much, because I’m going to talk to you through my service.” Remember, all the prophets in the Old Testament talked about a great outpouring coming of Pentecost, that when it happened, when it came to pass, Peter stood to this and that, which was prophesied by the prophets. And you see, the hope is that God, who so tenderly warns us, says, “I do this so that you can believe that when the hard times come, those same voices will be bringing to you all the hope and the strength that you need from the Word of God.”

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