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John MacArthur: The Truth About Christmas (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of John MacArthur’s sermon titled “The Truth About Christmas”.

Listen to the audio version here:


Christmas is kind of an interesting experience for Christians. It’s a very bizarre combination. We have been celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ singularly tonight. You have not heard jingle bells by design.

We have come together, as Christians do, to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, not a calorically challenged man in a red suit who is a fantasy of people’s imagination. Now, I’m not trying to be a downer here. I understand that Santa Claus is a kind of harmless myth, kind of a delightful fantasy. There’s some value in the traditions that have come around the figure of Santa Claus, but he basically is a fantasy, not true, a lie.

There are no flying reindeer. There is no sleigh. He doesn’t come down your chimney. He doesn’t leave you anything. This bizarre kind of fantasy has somehow laid itself on top of the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, the most profound, the most profound event that ever happened in human history when God came in, and He has to share it with this crazy non-existent guy named Santa Claus.

But that lie has stuck, and I will admit, in a sense it’s harmless. Children enjoy fantasies, and you can get a little leverage out of it by trying to get them to be good, but it’s just not true. I don’t think that the lie about Santa Claus does a whole lot of damage, but I will say our society is engulfed in a group of lies that do a tremendous amount of damage.

We are literally engulfed in terms of how we think in a series of lies that have eternal consequences. And I want to just kind of share those with you because I would want to tell you the truth. The church, the Bible says, is the pillar and ground of the truth. And when you come here, you should hear the truth.

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