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Paul Washer – Founder, HeartCry

For me to be here with you tonight. Such a privilege.

My all-time favorite preacher is Charles Spurgeon. And you begin maybe when you start out preaching, when you’re young and you think to yourself, I would like to be like him. It doesn’t take very long for you, a few years, and you realize that’s not going to happen.

The one thing that I most appreciate about Charles Spurgeon is that he admitted that he really only had one sermon, and it was about the cross of Jesus Christ, about the person of Christ.

I also, after reading now many sermons, I find it interesting that it’s not uncommon for him to begin any sermon by preparing the people for a failure.

And after you read for a while and you study for a while and you pray for a while, you begin to understand his burden. You cannot preach Christ. You cannot be a success at preaching Christ. You will never even begin to reach the foothills of the magnitude of Jesus Christ.

The great French Reformed Pastor Adolphe Monod preached 19 sermons on his deathbed, most of them looking up at the ceiling and couldn’t even look at his own congregation. He said this that evangelicals today would not quickly understand. He said, “Oh, the cross of preaching the cross!”.

And what he meant by that was, here is a feeble, tiny, wicked man whose intellect could fit in a pill box, and yet he’s being told that he must talk about the most glorious, most splendid Person, and the most glorious and most splendid thing that has ever occurred.

I love saying this, that you will understand the Second Coming on the day that it happens, but you will be an eternity of eternities in heaven, and you will not even begin to grasp the glory of the cross.

And that is the great burden. The one burden. The thing that most kills my soul is when the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the United States of America is treated like Christianity 101 preschool, that leads to greater things.

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If you catch nothing from what’s being said here tonight, know this: there is nothing greater than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is nothing deeper, nothing wider, nothing that so exalts the fullness of all that God is; nothing like the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

You need motivation for Godliness? Then go to the mystery of Godliness, which is God becoming flesh, dwelling among men, taking the sins of His people upon Himself and perishing under His own wrath.

You need motivation? You don’t need a conference. You don’t need to go acquire some fire. You just need to go deeper into the Person and work of Jesus Christ and you will find everything that you need.

I want to say some things tonight that will be, in a sense, common for some of you, but I want you to know that I travel all around the world and I preach some of the things that I’m going to preach tonight. And I have Christians come up to me who have been Christians for 30 years with tears running down their face saying, ‘I never heard that before in my life’.

And yet it’s the very center and substance of the gospel.

What we need to understand here in America is America is not hardened to the gospel; it’s ignorant of the gospel. And it is ignorant of the gospel because most of those preaching it are ignorant of the gospel.


So we want to look at some very common truths about the cross of Jesus Christ and revel in them.

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