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The Christian and His Money: Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of Bible teacher Derek Prince’s teaching on stewardship titled ‘The Christian and His Money’.

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Derek Prince – Bible teacher

This will be the first in a series of three short talks on the theme: The Christian and His Money. And this particular first talk, the subtitle which I have given it, is Money is Important.

I think it’s necessary to stress that, because some religious people talk, at least in church, as if money were not important. Very rarely do they act that way when they get outside church. But it’s a kind of religious fashion to pretend that money isn’t important.

Let me say that money plays such a large part in the lives of all of us, that if we do not order our money according to God’s will and Word, our whole lives must be out of line with the will of God.

WEALTH IN TWO LEVELS (Heb. 11: 24–26)

Now, I want to begin by establishing a very important point, which is the Bible acknowledges and recognizes two levels of wealth. The first is one that we’re all familiar with in some degree, what you would call Material Financial Wealth. And we need to bear in mind it’s temporary, it’s not going to last. One day we’re going to leave it all behind forever.

The other kind of wealth is spiritual or Eternal Wealth. And of course, that is, in the last resort, more important. But we cannot act as though material wealth is unimportant, because the Bible makes it very clear that what we do with our material wealth will have a lot to do with how much eternal wealth we end up with.

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