The Solution for all Your Spiritual Struggles: The Exchange at the Cross (Transcript)

Derek Prince in ChristChurch, New Zealand, Feb. 1987

Full text of Derek Prince’s teaching titled ‘The Exchange at the Cross’ which was delivered in New Zealand, February 1987.

Notable quote from this message:

‘The key is that on the cross, a divinely ordained exchange took place. All the evil that was due by justice to the human race, to each of us individually, was visited upon Jesus, that all the good due to the sinless obedience of Jesus might be made available to us who believe.’

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Derek Prince – Bible teacher

Hebrew 10:14, which speaks about what Jesus accomplished by His death on the cross.

For by one offering (or by one sacrifice) He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.”


The one offering, or the one sacrifice is the sacrifice He made of Himself on the cross. And by that one offering, He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified. That means to say: He has provided every need for time and eternity in every area of the life of every person who trusts in Him.

There is nothing more that He has to do. He has done it all. It is one complete, all sufficient sacrifice. That’s the first part of that statement.

Now then, it speaks about those who are being sanctified or set apart to God or drawn closer to God. That’s an ongoing process.

What Jesus has done is once for all, it’s total complete. But our appreciation of it, our appropriation of it, is progressive, but we need to start from the fact that the actual sacrifice is totally complete.

When I minister in the Third World, as I do quite often, I try to use very simple pictures that will help the people to understand. Actually, the same simple pictures will help people in New Zealand, too, but people in New Zealand might not realize it.

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And so I just want to share with you two pictures that I used. First of all, in Pakistan a year and a half ago, Pakistan is a 98% Muslim country with 84 million people. The Christians, and they’re only really nominal Christian Muslims, are just a tiny, oppressed, despised minority.

But the Lord opened the way for Ruth and me with a team of five others to go and spend nine days in three of the main cities, proclaiming the word of God. It was announced in advance that we would pray for the sick.

Well, our first meeting was in Karachi, which is the main port, a city of about 8 million people. And before we went to the meeting, the leader of the team that had invited us, a team of indigenous local Pakistani Christians, took us to see the Christian quarter of Karachi.

And I have seen a lot of poverty in my life, but I have never seen such poverty and such squalor. It really almost made me physically ill. And I got a little glimpse of what it’s like to be a Christian in a Muslim nation.

Well, they announced that they just had one meeting in Karachi because other preachers had been there first, and then they were going to take us to other parts of the country where other preachers had not been.

So I said to the leader, I said, ‘Where are we going to hold this first meeting?’

He said, ‘in our Church.’

Well, having measured the total economic state of the people, I wondered what that would be like. I said, ‘How many people are you expecting?’

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