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Full text of renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince’s teaching titled “God’s Medicine Bottle.”

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Notable quote from this teaching:

“I was much wiser to be foolish and get healed than I would have been to be clever and stay sick.”


(Introduction by Stephen Mansfield: I’m like very excited about this teaching by Derek Prince, because having written his biography, I know that the whole issue of healing was huge to him. The reality is that, before Derek met Jesus, he really wasn’t a very healthy man physically. He had a horrible, and — I think the doctors would say an acute case of acne. When he was in college, he suffered all types of skin diseases in the early part of his life, had just tremendous problems. And once he went in the military in the early part of World War II, he was wrestling with the whole issue of his health, and he had serious health problems. In fact, he was actually in a hospital in Egypt for almost a year during the war, because he was so unhealthy.

But God taught him some principles of drinking in the Scriptures and memorizing and using the Scriptures to achieve healing in his life. And I think you’re going to hear that story, and I think you’re going to be changed by it. So let’s listen now, as Derek Prince teaches us about ‘God’s Medicine Bottle’.)

Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

This week, I’ll be sharing with you in a very special way out of my own experience: how I received healing from God, when all normal medical help had proved ineffective.

My theme for this week is ‘God’s Medicine Bottle.’

In my talk today, I’m going to share with you, as I said, out of my own experience, HOW I DISCOVERED THIS Wonderful Medicine Bottle of God.

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This happened in the early years of World War II. As probably most of you know, I’m British by background, and in World War II, I served for five and a half years in the British Army. As a medical orderly, that’s what the British call it, or what the Americans call a hospital attendant, with the British medical services.

And for three years, I served in the deserts of North Africa: first in Egypt, and later in Libya, then later still in the Sudan. In the desert, there were two things that we were exposed to more than anything else: sand and sun.

I can remember I spent nearly one entire year in the desert without ever seeing a paved road. We traveled in sand; we slept in sand. Very often we had the impression that we were eating sand. We were exposed to it day and night.

Combined with the sun, it had a very harmful effect on the skin of certain people whose skin was not adequate for that kind of exposure. And I was one of them.

In my case, as in the case of many other soldiers, it manifested itself primarily in a condition of my feet and my hands, where the skin broke down, and I was ready in many ways incapacitated.

The officer in command of my particular unit struggled to keep me from being admitted to hospital, because he knew if I was admitted to hospital, he would lose me in the unit. And he wanted to keep me. And so I spent several months, kind of hobbling around, trying to do my military duties. But in the end, he had to let me go into hospital.

I went to altogether, I think, three or four different military hospitals, and I was in hospital for a year on end. Actually I met soldiers there who’d been two years in the Middle East and spent 18 months in hospital with similar conditions.

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I received many elaborate diagnoses of my problem, each name tended to be a little longer than the previous name, and I don’t recall them now. But eventually it was diagnosed fairly simply as chronic eczema.

And I received the best medical treatment available at that time in the circumstances, but really it didn’t help me. And I saw many other soldiers with similar conditions who also were not helped.

There’s something about the climate of Egypt that’s particularly inimical to the skin of people who are not intended for that part of the world. Really serious conditions: burns and so on, were usually shipped down to South Africa.

But my condition wasn’t that serious, and my services to the British army were not that valuable that they were going to waste a passage on a ship to South Africa for me. So I just lay there in bed day after day wondering what my future would be.

And I’ll tell you when you spend a year on end in hospital, it seems a very very long time. I had newly come into a real personal relationship with the Lord, and been born again, had also received the filling of the Holy Spirit. But I was very very ignorant; I didn’t have any background of Bible knowledge; I just had a Bible.

And really I had nowhere else to turn for help at that time, but to God and to the Bible. And so I began to search the Bible in desperation, to see if it had anything that it could tell me about my physical condition.

I didn’t have any theories about healing; I just knew I needed it, and I had the Bible in my hands. And I had plenty of time to read the Bible. I had very little else to do.

And so I searched the Bible for something that would show me, if I could really trust God for the healing of my body. And one day I remember I came across some verses in the book of Proverbs. These are the verses which I learned to call ‘God’s medicine bottle’. And I’m going to quote them to you, from Proverbs chapter 4 verses 20 through 22. I’m quoting from the King James Version which was the version that I was reading in those days, and which is extremely vivid as a matter of fact, and says it very clearly and forcefully.

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Proverbs 4:20-22, make a note of that reference:

‘My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life to those that find them, and health to all their flesh.’

It was that last phrase that arrested me: health to all their flesh’.

I understood that all their flesh meant their total physical body, and that’s how more modern versions actually translated. And I thought healthif I have health in my whole body, there’s no room there for sickness. And that’s what God is promising me.

And then I happened to look in the margin, and I saw that the marginal alternative translation for the word translated health was medicine. And that seemed to be even more appropriate to my condition.

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