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Home » God’s Medicine Bottle: Derek Prince (Full Transcript)

God’s Medicine Bottle: Derek Prince (Full Transcript)

Full text of renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince’s teaching titled “God’s Medicine Bottle.”

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:

Notable quote from this teaching:

“I was much wiser to be foolish and get healed than I would have been to be clever and stay sick.”


(Introduction by Stephen Mansfield: I’m like very excited about this teaching by Derek Prince, because having written his biography, I know that the whole issue of healing was huge to him. The reality is that, before Derek met Jesus, he really wasn’t a very healthy man physically. He had a horrible, and — I think the doctors would say an acute case of acne. When he was in college, he suffered all types of skin diseases in the early part of his life, had just tremendous problems. And once he went in the military in the early part of World War II, he was wrestling with the whole issue of his health, and he had serious health problems. In fact, he was actually in a hospital in Egypt for almost a year during the war, because he was so unhealthy.

But God taught him some principles of drinking in the Scriptures and memorizing and using the Scriptures to achieve healing in his life. And I think you’re going to hear that story, and I think you’re going to be changed by it. So let’s listen now, as Derek Prince teaches us about ‘God’s Medicine Bottle’.)

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