Book of Romans 8:5 – 8:25: Bible Study With Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince’s teaching on the book of Romans (Romans 8:5 – 8:25) which was presented in in Ridgecrest, NC. March 1988.

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

We’re continuing now in Romans 8 exploring our destination at the end of this long pilgrimage. And we looked in our previous session, we focused on the statement that God, through the sacrifice of Jesus, put away sin that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who don’t walk in the flesh but in the Spirit.

And we then carefully analyzed what is the righteous requirement of the law and we came to a very simple but profound conclusion. It’s summed up in one short word of four letters which is LOVE.

Then we saw that love is supernatural, it originates through the new birth, it’s fulfilled through the baptism in the Holy Spirit and it’s worked out by a life of progressive obedience. We don’t start perfect in love, we often fail and stumble. But all the time we’re failing and stumbling, our faith is being counted to us for righteousness.

And what I didn’t say in the last session I will just add now. In 1 John 4:7 John says: “the one who loves is born of God.” In other words, there is a kind of love that can only come from the new birth. This is the supreme distinctive evidence of being born again, it’s that kind of love.

Now we’re going to go on in Romans 8 to verse 5 and we go from verse 5 through verse 17. Paul now focuses on the fact that there is a total opposition between the flesh and the Spirit of God. You understand by now that the flesh in this context doesn’t mean our physical body but it means the nature we have received by inheritance from Adam. And its essence is summed up in one word which is rebel.

You remember God dealt with the rebel on His side in Romans 6. As far as God is concerned, the rebel has been executed.

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Now I need to point out to you at this point, otherwise you may be misled, what I am essentially seeking to unfold to you is what I would call your legal inheritance. You heard the people who say, “I got it all when I was born again.” I’m sure you’ve met people like that.

Well I say to them if you got it all, where is it all, let’s see it. But, in a certain sense, what they say is true. Legally, they got it all, they were entitled to everything.

But there’s a vast difference between having it legally and having it experientially. That’s really the nature of the Christian life, is moving from the legal to the experiential. I always illustrate this by the children of Israel moving into the Promised Land.

In Joshua 1:2 God said to Joshua: “I am giving them the land.”

In verse 3 He said: “I have given them the land.”

From then on, legally the whole land of Canaan belonged to them. But experientially they didn’t have one inch of it.

Now dear Lord, help me. If they had been, shall we say, members of one type of church, they would have lined up on the east bank of the River Jordan, folded their arms, looked westwards and said, “We’ve got it all.” But the Canaanites knew who really had it. You see?

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