The Gospel of Mark: The Servant Messiah (Session 2): Jacob Cherian (Transcript)

Full text of Pastor Jacob Cherian’s teaching titled “The Gospel of Mark: The Servant Messiah (Session 2)”

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Jacob Cherian – SABC, Bangalore

As we have given the title itself is about a Suffering Messiah; a Suffering Servant. That is the theme that will come out especially now as we look at what we can consider the heart of the Gospel.

The Heart of the Gospel, many Marcan scholars think, is found in this section. Now look in your Bibles, Mark 8:22 onwards, till the end of Chapter 10.

What do we see here in this place? And this section is related to the meaning of Christ. The meaning of Christ and the nature of discipleship.

What is Christ? Christ, meaning Messiah, the Anointed One.

Who is this Christ? What kind of Christ do we have? And what is the nature of discipleship?

So this is in a sense we are coming to the heart of the Gospel of Mark. There are many other things that are important, we have looked at a few of them. But this is the heart of the Gospel, and it begins with a very interesting miracle.

Look at chapter Mark 8, verse 22. Quickly, I want you to read that passage, read it yourself and please tell me what is special, unique or characteristic about this story? What miracle is this? Miracle of the healing of a blind man. Very good.

Now please look at it carefully and tell me what is special about that miracle. This story, by the way, in the Gospel of Mark is not mentioned anywhere else in the any of the Gospels. This is a unique story in the Gospel of Mark.

Now, what is interesting, as you said, is that the person is not healed like this. Very interesting.

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Jesus asked him: “What do you see? Can you see?”

“Yes, I can see, but I see people, but they look like trees are moving around.”

Then what happens? Very interesting thing. It says verse 25: “Once more, Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes.” Very interesting. That does not happen elsewhere.

Why? Jesus could not fully heal him the first time?

We don’t know why this interesting story is mentioned here and not mentioned elsewhere. But there is probably a good reason for that.

Why Mark, as he’s arranging the material, he puts this story here. So what is the story here?

Well, again, read the Bible in context. When you read a verse, don’t just read that verse, read the verses before, behind; you will see, we’re going to see another couple of examples of that that could blow your mind if you have not seen it before.

Okay, so let’s look at the previous story. What was there mentioned before this? We just read it. What is mentioned just before this?

Mark 8:17-21: What do you notice there? What do you notice 8:17 to 21?

There are eight questions, one after the other. Jesus is just firing them with questions, firing away with these questions. But do you realize all those questions can be summarized in one question?

I want you to summarize all those eight questions into one question tell me: “Are you blind?” Are you blind?

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