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Derek Prince Sermon: The Two Banquets (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon titled “The Two Banquets”.

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

The subject that I want to speak to you about this evening, I have given the title: ‘The Two Banquets’.

I’m going to be speaking about two banquets that are described in parables in the New Testament. In the parables of Jesus.

I’m going to base my message on three parables of Jesus. I think I should say at the beginning that this message is a warning. It’s a warning against presumption. It’s a warning that comes initially from Jesus Himself.

It’s a warning against presuming on a relationship with God that you don’t actually have.

It also raises two questions. The first is what kind of people receive God’s provision?

And the second is what kind of people miss God’s provision?

So I want you to be listening with those thoughts in mind.

Now I’m going to read the first parable, which is found in Matthew chapter 21, verses 33 through 46. It’s usually called ‘The Parable of the Vineyard’. It speaks about a landowner who rented out a vineyard to workers, vinedressers, but expected them to bring some of the fruit as payment for the vineyard. They refused to do that, and this describes how the landowner dealt with them.

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