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Home » “I Will Shake All Things” – Part 2: The Church – Derek Prince (Transcript)

“I Will Shake All Things” – Part 2: The Church – Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon: “I Will Shake All Things” – Part 2: The Church which was preached in 1992, Westminster Chapel UK.

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

All right, now we’re going back to the theme that we began to deal with in the afternoon, the shaking of all things which God has predicted through His prophets. And I’m not going to go over the material we covered, just point out that God says: I will shake all things, I will shake the heaven, I will shake the earth, I will shake the dry land, I will shake the sea, I will shake all nations, I will shake everything that can be shaken.

The purpose being that those of us who have received the kingdom that cannot be shaken may be, as it were, filtered out from the rest of humanity.

Now this evening I want to deal with a practical response.


If we really believe that God is going to do what He so clearly says He is going to do, what are we going to do about it? Are we going to do nothing or are we going to seek from the Bible to know what the sensible and Scriptural course of action is.

First of all, from what I said this afternoon, it’s obvious that if we want to remain unshakable we have to build a foundation on the word of Jesus, hearing and doing His word.

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