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Billy Graham Sermon: Who Is My Neighbor? (Transcript)

Full text of Billy Graham’s sermon titled “Who Is My Neighbor?”

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Billy Graham – Evangelist

This is a service in which we praise God, glorify Him and thank Him. But primarily it’s a place where the Gospel is proclaimed and where commitments are made — lifetime commitments are made to Christ.

And there are hundreds of people here tonight that stand at the crossroads of your life. You’re not here by accident. You might have come out of curiosity. Some of you came out of curiosity because of what you’ve read in the press or you’ve seen on television, or because of this new dome stadium.

Whatever your reason, maybe someone brought you, invited you to come. But you are here. And this may be the greatest and most important moment of your life. And for some of you, it will become the most important moment, as you listen to God’s voice.

You’ll hear my voice through your physical ears, but you’ll hear the Spirit of God through spiritual ears that God has given you.

Our Father and our God, we thank Thee for these that Thou hast sent here tonight. And we pray that all of those whose hearts You have already prepared may respond, and say yes to the claims of Jesus Christ, for we ask it in His name. Amen.

I want you to turn with me to Luke’s Gospel, the 10th chapter. The 10th chapter of Luke’s Gospel. If you have a Bible with you, beginning with the 25th verse, I want to ask how many here tonight you’re under 30 years of age? Stand up. You’re under 30.

There’s nobody left to applaud for you. You may sit down.

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