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Priscilla Shirer: You’re Right Where You Need to Be (Transcript)

Here is the transcript of Priscilla Shirer’s sermon titled “You’re Right Where You Need to Be” which was delivered at Lakewood Church.

In this sermon, author and Christian media personality Priscilla Shirer shares stories of finding treasure in what we already possess throughout this episode of Praise on TBN. She advises that we need to manage our ministry well, trust God’s timing, and recognize that we already have the power and authority necessary to fulfill our calling.

Listen to the audio version here:


So Jerry and I, my husband and I, we’ve been married nearly 20 years now. I can’t believe that, and we have three sons that we are raising. They are giant. They are giant, y’all. My 15-year-old is six foot two inches tall. His 14-year-old brother is six foot two inches tall. Their nine-year-old brother is coming up right after them. They are some big boys, and one of the things I do for these boys, in fact, you should know that my full-time job is feeding the boys. That is my full-time job.

I am trying to figure out any which way I can differently to cook chicken for dinner every single night, just like y’all. That’s exactly what I’m doing. So we just do sports and everything with the boys. They’re growing up so quick. So one of the things that I have done since my oldest was five, I started when he was five, I went to Ross Dress for Less in the backhand corner, left-hand side.

There is one row that has books and journals and those sorts of things. I went and I grabbed three journals, hardback journals. They were just little — with the little spine, spiral spines, nothing real fancy. $4.99. I picked one for each boy. I’ve had it ever since my oldest was five, and at that age, I started to record a journal for them.

I do not write in it every week or every month, or even just on a regular basis. It’s just when something happens I don’t want to forget, or they say something that’s really interesting, or I see the hand, the handiwork, the fingerprints of God in their life in some way. I kind of write it down.

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