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Home » The Enemies We Face, Part 2 – The Nature of Witchcraft: Derek Prince (Transcript)

The Enemies We Face, Part 2 – The Nature of Witchcraft: Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon titled “The Enemies We Face, Part 2 – The Nature of Witchcraft” which was preached in Bromley, England, October 1988.

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

This is the second talk in our series on The Enemies We Face.

In our previous talk, we looked at the nature and the structure of Satan’s kingdom and we saw that his kingdom operates on two levels. The upper level is in the heavenlies, somewhere in the heavenly region that is not the heaven of God and that is not the visible heaven. And his upper level consists of rebellious angels who are in opposition to God.

And then the lower level consists of men who are not surrendered to God and to the righteous government of Jesus the Messiah, the Savior.

And I pointed out that the keyword that describes all those in Satan’s kingdom is the word rebel. They are all in rebellion against God, whether they are angels or whether they are men.

And then we saw that the gods of the pagan world, whether they’re Greece or Rome or whatever other nation, are different ways of naming and depicting Satan’s kingdom of angels. And all those who have been worshiped by pagan religions and pagan societies are satanic angels.

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