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Breaking Generational Curses (Part 1): Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon titled “Breaking Generational Curses (Part 1)” in which he teaches us how we can pass from the dark shadow of a curse into the sunlight of God’s blessing.

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

Now, what I’m going to do now is explain to you the Nature Of Curses and Blessings. These are two major themes of Scripture.

I think the word ‘bless’ in various forms occurs about 600 times in the Bible, and the word ‘curse’ probably nearly half that number of times.

But I have learned by experience that most of God’s people are not really familiar with the nature of curses and blessings. I believe it’s the purpose of God that through the redemption in Christ, we should be released from curses and enjoy the blessings. But wherever I travel, I find many of God’s people who are enduring curses when they should be enjoying blessings.

And one main reason is that they don’t know how to recognize what’s a curse and what’s a blessing.

Second reason is that even if they recognize it, they may not know how to be released from the curse and entered into the blessing.

So let me begin by offering you a simple definition of blessings and curses.


Both of them are vehicles of supernatural power. It’s very important to understand we’re not dealing with something that’s purely natural. It goes beyond the natural. They are vehicles of supernatural power for good if they’re blessings, for evil if they’re curses.

And one characteristic feature of them is that very frequently they’ll continue on from generation to generation, often until somebody knows how to cut them off if they’re curses.

The result of that is that many people, and some of you are here tonight are enduring in your life consequences of things that may have taken place many generations ago. And you have to trace your problem to its source and take the appropriate action in order to be released.

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Now, the vehicles of blessings and curses are usually words. They may be words that are spoken, words that are written, or simply words that are pronounced inwardly.

However, both curses and blessings can be transferred or transmitted by objects, by physical objects. So it is not always just a question of words.

Ruth and I encountered a Jewish lady who had met the Lord Jesus and acknowledged Him as her Messiah and her Savior. And she told us first-hand this story, and we got it straight from her.

She was, what they call an executive secretary, very highly qualified. And she had a very well paid job with a man who was the president of his own firm. And after a little while, she discovered that the president and all the executives in the firm were in a strange cult under a lady guru. And then the president asked her if she would type out some blessings that this guru lady had pronounced on the executives.

Well, when this lady began to type them, she realized that they were anything but blessings as far as Christians were concerned. And so she went to her boss and said, I’m sorry, but I don’t feel free to type these blessings.

The boss was gracious. He said, I’m sorry, if I’d known it was against your conscience, I wouldn’t have asked you to do it.

That was the end of that.

Now, we have to supply something by inference, but I am sure that the lady guru heard about this secretary that wouldn’t type her blessings. And who knows what she did? She may have prayed or she may have pronounced a curse, but from that source, it really wouldn’t make much difference, which it was.

Within a few weeks, this lady secretary, I’ll call her Miriam; it wasn’t her name… Miriam’s fingers began to go stiff and curl up and set, and in a short while, they were extremely painful and she couldn’t bend them. And she said, you wouldn’t believe the pain.

She had to sleep in a separate bed from her husband, because anytime her husband turned over and the bed shook, the pain was unendurable in her fingers. She went to a specialist who X-rayed them and said it rheumatoid arthritis. And she was, in a sense, a crippled person.

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Well, another lady, a charismatic lady, had received these three cassettes of mine, and felt that this lady Miriam ought to hear them. I don’t think Miriam was really very excited about them. She was a rather sophisticated lady, and I think thought of curses was something remote medieval in her eyes.

Anyhow, this other lady prevailed. So they sat and listened to the three cassettes. And at the end of the third cassette, I lead people in a prayer by which they release themselves from any curse over their lives.

At the point where the prayer began, the cassette jammed. It wouldn’t go forward, it wouldn’t go back, and it wouldn’t eject. That is not purely natural.

So Miriam said, well, then I can’t say the prayer.

But this indefatigable lady said, oh, no, I have the prayer typed out. I’ll bring that.

So she persuaded Miriam, I think, rather against her own judgment, to read this prayer. Now, you could read the prayer, I would say, in three minutes. It wouldn’t take as much as that.

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So Miriam just dutifully read the prayer. And in between the time she began reading the prayer and the time she finished, her fingers and her hands were totally released. There was no trace of arthritis.

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