How To Pass From Curse to Blessing: Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince’s teaching titled “How To Pass From Curse to Blessing”.

Notable quote from this teaching:

“The death of Jesus on the cross — the atonement — was an exchange in which all the evil due to us, came upon Christ that all the good due to Him, might be made available to us. He was wounded that we might be healed. He died that we might have life. He was made sin that we might be made righteous. He was rejected that we might be accepted. And here He was made a curse that we might enter into the blessing.”

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

The subject that I want to deal with tonight is: how to pass from curse to blessing. I’ll say that once more, how to pass from curse to blessing. I believe that this message can be of tremendous help to many of you here tonight.

I believe I’ve proved this over the past years that this message can change lives, communities, churches and even nations. I believe there are many of you here tonight who are fighting, something that you don’t fully understand in your own life. Some kind of frustration, something that, every time you are about to succeed, intervenes and keeps you from success, something that holds you back from being a complete person, from being completely free, from being able to serve the Lord the way you would wish to, from leading a life of real victory.

I believe in many cases, the problem that you’re fighting with, that you’ve never diagnosed, you’ve never come fully to grips with, is that there is a curse over your life.

I’d like to tell you first of all, a little of how I myself was led into this truth. Some years ago in a Presbyterian Church in America, I was conducting a deliverance service, I’d come to the end of my message and had not yet begun to minister. I was standing behind the pulpit and on the front row on my left, I noticed a family: father, mother and teenaged daughter.

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And as I glanced at them, it seemed to me the Holy Spirit said to me: ‘There’s a curse over that family.’ I had no other reason, except that it seemed to me, the Lord showed it to me.

So I stepped from behind the pulpit, went up to the father and said to him “Sir, I believe God has shown me that there’s a curse over your family. Would you like me to revoke that curse and release you from it, in the name of Jesus?”

And immediately he said “yes“. I had no idea at the time, why he had so immediately accepted that statement.

So I stepped back behind the pulpit and said a short, simple prayer, breaking the curse over that family and when I said that, in the name of Jesus. Although I was not in contact with any of them, there was a visible, physical reaction, in each of them when I broke the curse.

Then I noticed that the girl, the teenaged daughter had her left leg in a cast, from above the thigh to the bottom of the foot. So I went back to the father and I said “Would you like me to pray for the healing of your daughter’s leg?”

And he said “Yes”, but he said “you need to know that she’s broken it three times in 18 months and the doctors say it will not heal”. Now today, if I heard that one statement, that a person had broken the same leg, three times in 18 months, I wouldn’t have any other need, to know, that there was a curse over that family.

Well, because the leg was in a cast. I said “All I can do is just hold the cast in my hands and pray”. And I did and prayed a simple prayer. Now the story is more complicated. But I’ll tell you that just the main outlines.

Shortly afterwards, I got a letter from the father thanking me for what had happened, and saying that when they went back the next time to the clinic to have the leg X-rayed. The X-ray showed that it had healed and she was soon out of the cast.

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Now as I meditated on that experience, this thought came to me… God showed me there was a curse over the family and led me to break the curse before he permitted me to pray for the healing of the daughter. Why?

My conclusion was that she could not have been healed, until the curse was revoked. In other words, the curse was an invisible barrier, that kept her from the blessing that God wanted her to receive.

And then God began to deal with me about this whole matter of blessing and curse. And as I turned to the Scripture, I was amazed at how much the Bible has to say about it, and how little has been preached, in most of the places and congregations that I’m familiar with.

Then I’ll tell you an up-to-date testimony which I heard when I was in South Africa in November of last year. I met a Jewish lady who’s a believer in Jesus, saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit. And she told me and Ruth this testimony personally. She was a very highly qualified, executive secretary.

And under the influence of some teaching that she’d heard — Christian teaching — she prayed to get the best paid job in her profession in Cape Town. And she got it. And she found herself working for a man who was a president of his own particular business and she soon discovered that this man and all the executives in the company were in some strange kind of cult that was led by a woman prophetess and in a little while, her boss said to her, “our lady guru“, whatever you want to call her, “has pronounced blessings over all of us. We’d like you to type them out for us.”

When she started to type them, she discovered that they were anything but blessings, and as a committed Christian she didn’t feel free to type them. So she went to her boss and explained the situation and said “I just don’t feel free to type these”. And the boss was very gracious and he said “I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize it would go against your conscience. Of course we wouldn’t ask you to do that.”

Now I don’t know exactly what happened next. But my guess is, that this lady guru heard about this incident and prayed some kind of a prayer for this executive secretary, which wasn’t really too good a prayer. Anyhow almost immediately after that, this lady began to develop acute arthritis in both hands. And her fingers curled up and became absolutely rigid and stiff. She couldn’t bend them, she couldn’t do anything in her profession.

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And the pain was agonizing. She couldn’t sleep at night. She couldn’t sleep in the same bed with her husband, because every time he moved, the movement of the bed caused such pain in her fingers that she couldn’t sleep. She went to a professional in this realm, a doctor and he diagnosed it as rheumatoid arthritis.

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