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Home » Casting Down Strongholds (Spiritual Warfare): Derek Prince (Transcript)

Casting Down Strongholds (Spiritual Warfare): Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince’s insightful teaching titled “Casting Down Strongholds (Spiritual Warfare)” which was delivered in Singapore.

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

The theme of this session is entitled “CASTING DOWN STRONGHOLDS,” and it’s a session that will deal with spiritual warfare. We need to understand, first of all, why there is spiritual warfare, who is fighting who, which side are we on?


So I want to turn, first of all, to Matthew 12, a passage about the ministry of Jesus which brings out the basic fact that there are two invisible spiritual kingdoms that are at war with one another. One is the kingdom of Satan and the other is the kingdom of God.

Now I imagine most of you will have no problem of the concept that God has a kingdom. Some of you may not be aware that Satan has a kingdom. But he does and it’s most important for us as Christians that we understand the nature of his kingdom and how it operates.

Because, if we are in the kingdom of God through Christ we are automatically at war with the kingdom of Satan. You understand? Suppose I were a citizen of, let’s say, Australia and Australia was at war, which God forbid, with New Zealand. We trust that such a thing will never even enter people’s minds. But if it were so, then as a citizen of Australia, I would automatically be at war with New Zealand, because I belong to a nation that is at war with another nation.

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