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(Through The Bible) – Luke (Pt. 1) : Zac Poonen (Transcript)

Here is the transcript of Bible teacher Zac Poonen’s teaching on Gospel of Luke (Part 1) which is part of the popular series called Through The Bible.

Listen to the audio version here:


Introduction to the Gospel of Luke

Okay, let’s turn to God’s Word again. We turn now to the Gospel of Luke. And as I said, in the very first words of these Gospels, I try to understand what the Gospel writer is trying to emphasize. We saw in Matthew, in the very first sentence, he said about Jesus being the Son of Abraham, the Son of David.

Emphasis in Different Gospels

And he was emphasizing to the Jews that He came from that line. In Mark’s Gospel, he said, “I’m talking about Jesus, the Son of God.” And we see those tremendous demonstrations of power in the Gospel of Mark described in great detail. And in Luke, his burden is to give us an accurate record of, as far as possible, of everything right from the time of Jesus’ conception.

I mean, His coming into Mary’s womb and His resurrection all the way and everything that preceded it. Also, and even to some extent, what followed after His resurrection towards the end of Luke’s Gospel. And that’s what he says, “It seemed fitting for me, verse 3, having investigated everything carefully from the beginning to write it in consecutive order, most excellent Theophilus.”

Luke’s Unique Perspective

Now, Luke was the one writer of scripture who was not a Jew. All the others were Jews. All sixty-four books written by Jews except the Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles, which are also written by Luke. Luke was a Gentile, a Greek. And both these books, Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, are written to a man called Theophilus, who was a Greek.

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