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Full text of Zac Poonen’s teaching on the Book of 2 Samuel which is part of the popular series called Through The Bible.

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Zac Poonen – Bible Teacher

We turn today to 2 Samuel — 2 Samuel chapter 1.

We saw in our last study how God picked up David when he was a young man. And in 2 Samuel we read about the reign of David. The whole book deals with that from the time of the death of Saul. And David is made king, and then how he wins a number of victories, his fall into sin, and then the problems he has in his family, right on till the end of his life and ministry as king.

So we’ll try and look at the important points in this chapter and the spiritual lessons that we can learn. You remember in the first session I said that all Scripture has been given by inspiration of God, for correction, for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work, for our life and for our ministry.

If we keep that verse before us as we study all these books, we will receive something that will equip us. You see, there are many ways in which we can look at the Old Testament.

We can look at all the types of Christ in the Old Testament, and a clever brain can discover many, many things there. But we don’t find the New Testament emphasizing so much of typology – a little bit. We saw a little bit in when we studied the tabernacle of what Christ stood for, but there are many other types that we could study. We could study Joseph as a picture of Christ, and there are many, many ways in which he is a type of Christ. We could study Boaz and Ruth, which we looked at yesterday, as a picture of Christ redeeming us and making us His bride.

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Now, all that is interesting, but I have not placed too much emphasis on it because the New Testament doesn’t give too much emphasis to that type of typology. A little bit is all right. Ultimately, God’s Word is given for our life and not for intellectual stimulation. It’s very important to remember that, that we can study the Bible like we study a book of chemistry, that’s not the way God wants us to study it. He wants us to study in a way that it applies to our life, that it equips us for better living and for more effective ministry. That’s what we must always keep in mind.

And we must set aside the temptation to be intellectually stimulated, because if we go into that line, gradually what will happen is, our ministry to people also will be just intellectual stimulation, and we’ll find people remain carnal, defeated by sin, even though they’re getting a lot of intellectual stimulation from Scriptures.

So let’s keep that in mind and let’s look at 2 SAMUEL CHAPTER 1.

Now, in chapter 1, we read of the death of Saul, and I want you to see something about David’s attitude when he hears about the death of Saul.

Now remember, Saul was David’s sworn enemy. More than once he tried to throw a javelin at him to kill him. He chased him all over the caves and villages of Israel to try and find him to kill him. More than once, David spared his life when Saul was at his mercy, asleep in a cave, and this is the man whom David now hears is dead. It’s something like you’re hearing that the man who was trying to kill you is finally dead. The man who once had an anointing but lost that anointing.

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