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Home » Discover Yourself In God’s Mirror – Who Am I? (Part 1): Derek Prince (Transcript)

Discover Yourself In God’s Mirror – Who Am I? (Part 1): Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince’s talk: ‘Discover Yourself In God’s Mirror – Who Am I? (Part 1)’.

Notable quote from this teaching:

“The spirit gives life, the soul receives life. The spirit is self-existent, the soul depends on the spirit.”

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

Welcome to the first in a series of four sessions of teaching on a theme of which the title is: “Who Am I?” The subtitle gives you a hint of where we’re going to go for an answer, “Discover Yourself In God’s Mirror.” So, the aim of this teaching will be, as it were, to hold up a mirror to you in which you can see yourself. But you’ll not be seeing your outward visible form, you’ll be seeing something you cannot see in any other mirror, which is what you’re really like inside.

Before I get into this subject, I think I need to say a little about my personal background, because it’s relevant to this.

Before I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ personally — and I met Him one midnight in an army barrack room of the British Army, late in July in l941, from which time there are two things I’ve never doubted. First of all, that Jesus is alive; and second, that the Bible is true. I came to both those conclusions in one night.

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