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(Through The Bible) – Deuteronomy: Zac Poonen (Transcript)

Full text and audio of Zac Poonen’s teaching on the Book of Deuteronomy which is part of the popular series called Through The Bible.

Quotable Quote(s) from This Study:

“Wisdom is the application of knowledge to practical situations in life.”

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Zac Poonen – Bible Teacher

Let’s turn now to the fifth book of Moses: the Book of Deuteronomy. Deuteronomy means a second law and then there’s a lot of repetition here. It’s a repetition of the law, many important aspects of the Law which was already given, and also a review of God’s dealings with His people.

And this book, we can divide it in two ways. We can divide it as three speeches that Moses gave. The first one from the first four chapters 1 to 4; and the second long speech that he gave from chapter 5 to 26, and the third one from chapter 27 to 30.

Then after that you read of the song of Moses in chapter 32; the blessing of Moses on the tribes in chapter 33; and the death of Moses in chapter 34. So that’s basically what the book of Deuteronomy is all about.

The other way you could divide it is we could look at these as messages that make us look in different directions. Just in a broad way we could say it looks like this: there are six messages here. And the first two, chapters 1 to 11 make us look back at God’s faithfulness. Moses urged the Israelites to look back, think of God’s faithfulness to you through all these 40 years in the wilderness. See, this is spoken at the end of this wilderness journey.

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