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(Through The Bible) – Joshua: Zac Poonen (Transcript)

Full text and audio of Zac Poonen’s teaching on the Book of Joshua which is part of the popular series called Through The Bible.

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Zac Poonen – Bible Teacher

We’ll turn to the book of Joshua. Joshua, chapter 1. We could describe this book as the book that tells us about how Israel possessed the promised land. It’s very similar to the Acts of the Apostles, because it was a new beginning and there were tremendous manifestations of power. And Joshua was a great leader, brought them into the promised land.

Just like in the Acts of the Apostles, we read about people who came into the fullness of the Spirit and came into a new beginning of a new covenant.

And we also see in the book of Judges, immediately after Joshua, how backsliding came very quickly in after the time of Joshua, which teaches us that when God’s people don’t have good leaders, backsliding enters in very quickly. And we see that as soon as the apostles died, backsliding entered in very quickly as we read in Revelation chapter 2 and chapter 3 among the churches.

So the book of Joshua is very similar to the Acts of the Apostles. And just like we learned from the Acts of the Apostles, we could learn from the book of Joshua.

See, the book of Joshua pictures God as a God of war. And sometimes we can’t understand that. But God is a God of war because He’s a God of love. He hates anything that harms His people. Just like a father would make war against the diseases that are in his son, a good doctor would make war against disease, where there are polluting influences that would defile and corrupt His people, the only way was to eliminate them.

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