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Home » Four Pillars of Walking With God: Paul Washer (Full Transcript)

Four Pillars of Walking With God: Paul Washer (Full Transcript)

Full text of preacher Paul Washer’s sermon titled “Four Pillars of Walking With God”

Notable quote from this message:

Joy comes before obedience rather than after. And if you don’t understand that, you will really be messed up all your days. Joy is not the result of obedience. Joy is the result of what God has done. So now your joy is fixed on a fixed and stable source. When your joy is based on your performance, it’s going to be up and down like the wind, up and down like the raging sea, double-minded, mutable, changing constantly.”

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Paul Washer – Director of @HeartCryMission

It is a tremendous privilege for me to be here this morning. This is going to be kind of unusual. It’s not going to be what you would consider probably a Sunday sermon. It’s going to be more like discipleship.

We’re going to look at some very, very simple but very important and foundational truths that — well, my purpose is this: I want to see you with more joy. I want to see you more greatly encouraged.

Now, this is not going to be a sermon that kind of stirs the emotions so that you walk out here with some kind of spiritual high. But it’s going to teach you a few things that if you will live by them, it will increase your joy. And increasing your joy, it will increase everything else good that the Lord has put in your life. I want you to be encouraged.

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