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(Through The Bible) Book of Romans (Part 1): Zac Poonen (Transcript)

Full text of Bible teacher Zac Poonen’s teaching from the Book of Romans (Part 1), which is part of Through The Bible series.

Quotable Quotes from this teaching:

“Let’s learn these two things: the depth of sin that is in religious people, and the fantastic pride that is in religious people who have not understood that everything God gives is a free gift.”

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Zac Poonen – Bible Teacher

We now like to turn to Paul’s letter to the Romans. And the theme of Romans is really there in the first verse of this letter, in that expression, “the gospel of God”.

This is the gospel of God, the good news that God wants to send to every part of this world. And as we go through this book, you will discover that people stop at different places along the way and don’t reach the ultimate goal that God has for them.

Many Christians have not heard the full gospel of God. There are churches which call themselves “the full gospel churches”. I’ve been in a lot of them. I haven’t heard the full gospel there, the way it is described in Romans.

You see, Romans speaks about various things. It’s one of the most orderly, logical, step-by-step presentations of the gospel that there is anywhere in the Bible. A lot of the other letters of Paul are sort of a bit haphazard. He writes about various things altogether.

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