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The Cross In My Life (Part 2): Derek Prince (Transcript)

Full text of Derek Prince’s sermon titled ‘The Cross In My Life’ (Part 2)…

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Derek Prince – Bible Teacher

We’re continuing with the theme which I entitled The Cross in My Life. This teaching is taken mainly from the epistle to the Galatians. And in the previous session I began by pointing out that there are two main aspects to the cross. There’s what the cross does for us which we all get excited about and quite a lot of people preach about.

But there’s another side which is what the cross is intended to do in us. And for many people that’s much less exciting. And I think a lot less is said about it.

And I said also the remarkable thing about Galatians is it not merely pinpoints the problem but it states the solution. And the solution is a FIVE-FOLD DELIVERANCE which is provided for us through the cross. And in the previous sessions we looked at the first two deliverances.

Galatians 1 verse 4, deliverance from this present evil age.

The second deliverance, how many of you can remember what that was? From the law. That’s right. And that was one which shocked some of you.

I do want to say again emphatically I am not talking about civil law. I’m not talking about the law of the nation. I’m talking about the law only as a means of achieving righteousness with God. I personally believe the New Testament teaches that basically with a few exceptions Christians are obligated to be law-abiding people. The only exceptions would be where the civil law conflicts with our duty to God, in which case our duty to God must come first.

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